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Review-A Sex Guide

A Sex Guide - Pleasures of a Blow Job, Marguerite de Lyon, 2015 (audiobook)This is a fiction/non-fiction audiobook all about fellatio, the art of sexually stimulating a man's penis with a woman's mouth (i.e., blowjobs).Tammy is a college freshman, and, like all of the other women in her English class, she is infatuated with Marcus, the handsome Graduate teaching assistant. After class one day, Marcus invites Tammy to his dorm room for some "private studying." With the door closed, Marcus…See More
Nov 20
Paul Lappen added a discussion to the group Dedicated Book Reviewers

Review-Only Superhuman

Only Superhuman, Christopher L. Bennett, 2012, ISBN 9780765368867In the early 22nd Century, Mankind has expanded into the Asteroid Belt, allowing people to set up all sorts of societies. A major issue is the attitude concerning genetic and cybernetic modifications of people. Earth and its nearby colonies banned such practices many years ago, but, in the Belt, anything goes.Emerald Blair is one such "mod." Inspired by old-time comic books, she and other mods join together to form the…See More
Nov 8
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Review-Tesseracts Seventeen

Tesseracts Seventeen, Colleen Anderson and Steve Vernon (ed.), 2013, ISBN 9781770530447Here is another compendium of weird stories from north of the border, in Canada.A new mother can't leave her baby alone for a second, out of fear that The Wall will devour the child. It's a creature that creeps along walls, looking like a shadow, and with very sharp teeth. On the other side of The Wall is a land of torment straight from Hell. Another story looks at the difference between people who are…See More
Oct 23
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Oct 17
Paul Lappen added a discussion to the group Dedicated Book Reviewers

Review-Expiration Date

Expiration Date, Nancy Kilpatrick (ed.), 2015, ISBN 9781770530621Many things in life have an ending or an expiration date. It can range from the food in your refrigerator, to the finish of a horse race, to the stopping of a stop-watch, to the end of a person's life. That's what this group of new stories is all about.Stuck in that split second before dying (or not dying) in an auto accident, a woman gets to see how her family will survive, both with her and without her. Fascinated by death from…See More
Oct 10
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Review-Vic: Terror Incognita

Vic: Terror Incognita, Jerry Gill, 2015, ISBN 978157633595This is the fourth adventure of Victoria Custer, your average resident of the early 20th century. Using the pen name Vic Challenger, Victoria, and her friend, Lin Li, travel to exotic places and write about them for their hometown newspaper. The unique part is that inside Vic is the avatar of a 100,000-year old cavewoman  named Nat-ul (who is not afraid to call Vic an idiot when necessary). The two are engaged in a never-ending search…See More
Oct 5
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Review-Discovering the IT Factor Within You

Discovering the IT Factor Within You: Developing Your Charismatic Personality, Leesa Rowland, 2015, ISBN 9780578156293Whenever a person like Oprah or Bill Clinton enters a room, people are drawn to them like a magnet. Why? Were they born that way? Do they have "good genes"? Is it a case of "you either got it (charisma) or you don't"? Can charisma be learned by the rest of us? That's what this book is all about.There are several qualities that help make a person charismatic. Among them are:…See More
Sep 7
Paul Lappen added a discussion to the group Dedicated Book Reviewers

Review-Dress for SEXcess

Dress for SEXcess, The Scissor Man, Amazon Digital Services, Inc., 2015There seem to be a million books available on how couples can rejuvenate their sexual relationship. Most are written by psychologists, or academics with letters after their name. This is written by an average person.Ladies, when your husband makes an admiring comment about some part of your anatomy, think of it as a request to occasionally wear something that emphasizes that area. Please don't respond with "Is that all you…See More
Aug 31
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Aug 22
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Review-The SHIVA Syndrome

The SHIVA Syndrome, Alan Joshua, 2015, ISBN 9781771551311Beau Walker is a brilliant psychological researcher with a strong dislike for military authority. He is practically forced onto a military aircraft by Burton Grimes, the source of his dislike. Along with several other eminent scientists, he is taken to what was a secret research facility near Moscow.Something happened to cause the total destruction of the facility and the nearby town, at the cost of several thousand lives. Whatever the…See More
Aug 18
Paul Lappen added 2 discussions to the group Dedicated Book Reviewers
Aug 9
Paul Lappen added a discussion to the group Dedicated Book Reviewers

Review-The King of Elfland's Daughter

The King of Elfland's Daughter, Lord Dunsany, 1999, ISBN 9780345431912Written in the early 20th century, This fantasy tale is about a small town that wishes to be ruled by a magic lord.Several leading citizens of the Vale of Erl go to their King, suggesting that a magic lord will help their town to be famous far and wide. The King sends his son, Alveric, into Elfland to bring back Lirazel, the King's daughter, as his bride. The misty border between the two lands causes those who live just to…See More
Aug 1
Paul Lappen added a discussion to the group Dedicated Book Reviewers

Review-The Heads of Cerberus

The Heads of Cerberus, Francis Stevens, 2013, ISBN 9781617209390This is a rarely reprinted science fiction novel of the early 20th Century about three people suddenly sent on a wild adventure.Set in Philadelphia of the early 20th Century, Robert Drayton is a young lawyer in ethical trouble. Terry Trenmore is a big, strapping Irishman, full of muscles, but perhaps a bit lacking in brains. Viola is Terry's teenage sister. Through a busted burglary and a bit of intrigue, they are sitting at a…See More
Jul 19
Paul Lappen added a discussion to the group Dedicated Book Reviewers

Review-We Are the Destroyers

We Are the Destroyers, D.K. Lindler, 2014, ISBN 9780991509027Environmental degradation and over-consumption are destroying Bel'lar's home world. A growing movement among the people is to adopt the Syn (synthetic) lifestyle, to practically live on synthetic chemicals. The minority Organs (organic) want Bel'lar to take a ship called Light Traveler, and a small crew, to the semi-mythical planet blue/white planet. to see if it is suitable for colonization.Just before their hurried departure, just…See More
Jul 12
Paul Lappen added a discussion to the group Dedicated Book Reviewers

Review-Government Opportunities for Small Business

Government Opportunities for Small Business, Harriet Grayson, 2011, ISBN 9781607468523The US federal government has a seemingly unlimited number of grant opportunities. This book attempts to simplify the grant-writing process.The first step is to find the grants that are being offered. There are a number of places to look, including the Catalog of Federal Domestic Assistance. Apply for grants only in areas where your non-profit is qualified (if you are an arts organization, why are you applying…See More
Jun 28
Paul Lappen added a discussion to the group Dedicated Book Reviewers

Review-Murder is a Lousy Way to Die

Murder is a Lousy Way to Die, Robert L. Hecker, 2012, ISBN 9781934209561This novel is about Benjamin Roan, a government security consultant who someone wants to kill - again.The book opens with Ben regaining consciousness in the middle of the Nevada Atomic Test Site. Next to him is a woman also just regaining consciousness. A simulated atomic bomb will be tested in just a couple of minutes. If they don't get under cover, now, the bomb will not only kill them, but incinerate them, and then turn…See More
Jun 13

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At 1:01pm on May 28, 2015,
Crockett Grabbe

New Book Laying Out REAL Facts of 9/11 at WTC Published

As an experienced physicist I have just published a loaded new book, which has 45 color images & 4 tables, showing the real facts of 9/11: How the WTC Was REALLY Demolished on 9/11. It can be ordered online as a paperback, & it can be downloaded online as an Ebook. This book counters 50 erroneous government reports produced by NIST, & provides a scientifically-sound analysis of what really happened on 9/11 at the WTC. Several online reviews of books & articles published earlier stated that I effectively showed the government reports were wrong throughout. This book comprehensively reviews the facts that demonstrate this.

The book demolishes the myriad error-prone reports that the American people have been presented with on the cause of 9/11. How the WTC Was REALLY Demolished on 9/11 , which can be obtained from the Web in either of the 2 forms listed above for a low price, shows the full scientific facts & evidence of the Sept. 11, 2001 attack at the World Trade Center. Laying bare what happened in the attack for all to see, it shows what really caused the Twin Towers & other buildings to collapse, & the coverup of the facts throughout multiple government reports. Everyone in this nation should know the substantial facts and the evidence through material presented in this book. Too many of the facts remain unknown to much of the public, despite efforts to bring out the truth. This book should be distributed as widely as possible to all Americans, to counter both errors in the NIST Committee Reports & in other independent sources.

As the author, I am a physicist with over 30 years research experience since receiving my Ph.D. (in Applied Physics from Caltech, 1978), and am also a noted writer and speaker for public audiences. In addition to 3 books on 9/11 I have published online (in 2011, 2013 & now in 2015), I have presented major invited public addresses on the World Trade Center collapse in New York City (2007 & 2010), St. Louis (2008), Des Moines (2009), Austin (2010 & 2013), and Dallas (2011). I has been interviewed multiple times on INN World Report in New York City (both on TV and on radio). Previous to that I had published 4 books and over 30 articles for general audiences, and produced 2 educational public videos that have played several times on over 60 TV stations. These are all in addition to well over 100 publications I have written for scientific audiences.

Having published 13 books (8 for general audiences), I have been profiled repeatedly in Contemporary Authors and Writers Biography. I have also been profiled for over a decade in Who's Who in Science & Engineering. I was recently interviewed about this book on NoLiesRadio in Berkeley, CA, similar to the previous interview by them on my prevous book entitled Anatomy of Mass Murders in October of 2013.

Crockett Grabbe; Austin. TX;

APPENDIX 1: Table of Contents

Chapter 1:  Before 9/11Chapter 2:  The scene on 9/11Chapter 3:  Causes of Fire in Skyscrapers
Chapter 4:  Extreme Heat & Nano-thermite on 9/11
Chapter 5: South Tower Demolition on 9/11
Chapter 6: North Tower Demolition on 9/11
Chapter 7: Building-7 Demolition on 9/11
Chapter 8: Ejections & Trash from Demolitions on 9/11
Chapter 9: 21st Century Ame
At 2:29pm on July 17, 2014,
Elvis Newman
At 6:37pm on February 1, 2014,
Diana Persaud

If you are seeking FREE books to review, join a FB group called Authors and Reviewers. We really need reviewers! All genres are posted on the site. I hope you check it out.


At 5:58pm on January 9, 2013,
Jessica O'Gorek

Paul- when I click on your link above I get a message from Kaspersky that your site has a trojan virus. Just an FYI for you.


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