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I am very excited to have as our guest blogger today, C.K. Volnek!  Her book GHOST DOG OF ROANOKE ISLAND is coming out at the end of September by MuseItUp Publishing!  Congrats!


She is sharing some terrific insights she got exclusively from Literary Agent Mike Larsen on promoting yourself and your work!!  Take it…


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Friend Or Foe?


I have a lady who say's she is my friend ,

But what exactly is a real friend? She is alway's calling me in her time of

trouble, Which I don't mind , But where do I as a person draw the line as

A friend? do I keep running to help, or do I step back and let her , and her 37 year old…


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First Post!

I don't have much time to write anything worthwhile today because I am currently babysitting my almost-four-year-old niece and her eight-year-old brother but as soon as they go home tomorrow afternoon I will post a fuller blog entry on what books I've currently been reading/have read and what books I wish to read next!


Happy Reading!


~Ami E. Bowen

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NEWSFLASH: W. Bruce Cameron will be on Giovanni Gelati’s blogtalk radio The G-ZONE, August 30th @ 1pm EST.

Author W. Bruce Cameron will be on The G-ZONE, Giovanni Gelati’s blogtalk radio show, to discuss his novels , in particular “A Dogs Purpose” and “Emory’s Gift”.  “Purpose” has spent 19 weeks on the NYT Bestsellers list as well getting 516 starred reviews on Amazon, including 463 five star reviews. Dreamworks will be making the novel into a movie. “Emory’s Gift”   will be available for sale on Sept. 1st, 2011.

Here is a short…


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Coffee at Luke's

In my blog:


For Gilmore Girls fans =)  …


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Hitler's War by Harry Turtledove -- A Review

A fun read and very a typical "Turtledove" novel. The Alternative History pivot point for this book is that Hitler starts WWII earlier then in our timeline. Here the war starts with an invasion of Czechoslovakia in 1938 as opposed to a free walk-in occupation of Czechoslovakia and a subsequent invasion of Poland in 1939. For some this may… Continue

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Does the latest digital software mean no need for art school or to hire a pro?

I forgot to share Friday's post with ya'll. I know several of you stop by and comment. Thanks!




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The Air Guy Angelique LaFontaine

The cover is simplistic for a reason; I really didn’t want to give much away with but, the fog does play a part in the story. That being said, Angelique Lafontaine’s writing style has grown on me. Her viewpoint is different; she finds a good way to twist things unexpectantly, and she seems to have fun with the story. I thoroughly enjoy that when it comes out in the story. The bang for the buck is here; don’t hesitate to download this story or any of her others: “The Matriarch”, and “Gone is…


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Hi Everyone! Did you know that your kids can use the computer for more than just games and Facebook this summer? They can actually use it to READ!  There are over 950,000 Kindle books, new releases N…

Hi Everyone!

Did you know that your kids can use the computer for more than just games and Facebook this summer?

They can actually use it to READ!  There are over 950,000 Kindle books, new releases New York Times® Best Sellers and popular classics like; The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes, Pride and Prejudice, and Treasure Island.

Best yet… you can get my new book; The Haunting of the…


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Please come and join myself and Tami of LA Radio Wednesday 3rd August at 2pm Pacific Time. I am happy to say this is a revisit, where I will take calls and read an excerpt of my book

Please come and join myself and Tami of LA Radio Wednesday 3rd August at 2pm Pacific Time. I am happy to say this is a revisit, where I will take calls and read an excerpt of my book Continue

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A Courtesan's Guide To Getting Your Man by Celeste Bradley & Susan Donovan


Piper Chase-Pierpont is a 30 year old museum curator with a disappointing and embarrassing past. Working on a low budget exhibit, she stumbles on a few diaries that neither she nor anyone else knew existed. After over a hundred years, Olivia Harrington's underground life is a new and intriguing discovery. Filled with love, sex, slavery, and so much more, Piper keeps the diaries a secret for fear that she…


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Handling Rejection and Facing Voldemort’s Hugs

Here we are. The last of the feelers for the initial version of the novel have been sent out and returned. It’s all come full circle in a sense, and I think I have a clean slate from which to push forward. What I’m trying to say is that the publisher rejected the previous…


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Kumarian Press Now Has a Forum!

Kumarian Press has a new way to get in touch with it's readers. Now, KP has a forum for all of the loyal book followers out there to post comments, watch author interviews and learn about our new titles. Come check it out here:

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Review of Sympathy for the Devil, by Justin Gustainis

The next presidential election is getting near… and handsome, charismatic Senator Howard Stark wants to become president. There’s only one problem: He’s possessed by Sargatanas, a powerful demon who wants to unleash all evil on earth. To make things worse, Stark’s assistant happens to be a malevolent, highly-intelligent practitioner of the black arts, and she’ll stop at nothing to get what she… Continue

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How I Didn't Sell 1 Million ebooks in 6 months: July Sales

Amazing new stupendous ebook developments this month!

Okay, maybe that's a bit of an overstatement, but I have discovered that "free" sells. Or at least it leads to numerous downloads. About the middle of June I made this book free on iBooks and Smashwords:

And now it's free on Kindle (just click the above image but… Continue

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Lisa Kessler – Paranormal Romance Author - Interview

Find out how Lisa discovered she would be a famous author one day – fascinating story – actually quite paranormal (LOL). Night Walker, her first book in the Night series will release this month!!…


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Our First Review: Anita Blake Vampire Hunter


    Anita Blake Vampire Series by Laurell K Hamiton:

   The Series Consist of 20 books so far. Each book is a fast pace read. Hamilton introduces us to the world of vampires, were-wolf's, Were-animals, and many other paranormal creatures. The main character Anita Blake is a strong heroin who you will easly come to…


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Press releases

Hi Jan,

I read your blog about press releases with sites to check out, how to write a press release, etc. on Author Central.  I guess I really don't understand what, when or how a press release is used.  Why not merely post a blog on the sites you listed?  Could you please explain more?


CV Smith

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Writing Amid Used Books: The terrorist in Norway and violence

Writing Amid Used Books

Chronicling a writer's thoughts and processes as she examines the used books that she finds.…


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The UK’s Top Ten Books . . . coming in May 2015

The UK’s Top Ten Books . . . coming in May 2015 With many of the fiction big-hitters releasing titles in March and April, May is often one of the most interesting months in the literary year – and this May is no exception. Perhaps the most exciting debut novel of the year – certainly […]

NetGalley goes to the Folio Prize!

NetGalley goes to the Folio Prize! It sometimes felt like the whole of literary London was gathered in one opulent ballroom last night, as the second Folio Prize Awards ceremony was held at the St Pancras Hotel. Already this is a prize that feels like it has become an integral part of the fiction-world’s year […]

Librarian Spotlight

    Welcome Mandy Peterson, Media Specialist at Schuyler Community Schools in Schuyler, Nebraska, as our guest. Mandy is a long-time NetGalley member, a plugged-in librarian and has been generous enough to answer our questions about the role of technology in her library. Keep reading to discover how Mandy became a librarian, what a 1:1 school is, and […]

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