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Book- The Weeds of Eden, by Dr. Alan R Davis

Thank you to all those who have welcomed me. I have nothing constructive to say about the great Me at the moment except that when it comes to social media I am all at sea, occasionally I pitch up on a useful shore, but then the tide seems to draw me out again before I have got a hang of things. If you see really weird comments popping up in odd places a good guess might attribute them to me. 

At present I am in the middle of the editing stage of my second speculative fiction novel.…


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George Washington Carver [from the Christian Encounters series] by John Perry

George Washington Carver - by John Perry…


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Around the Globe with JERRY HOOTEN



This week, my landlord, after starting 15 months ago, finally completes putting in my central air conditioning...right in time for the cool down. Sigh! Today, I hop in my transporter, pick up author Jerry Hooten, and we're off to Cabo San Lucas where we partake in margaritas in the…


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No Rest for the Dead- Book Review

No Rest for the Dead a Novel written by 26 Top Thriller Authors

It’s not an anthology. It is a fully formed, very entertaining, nail-biting thriller novel. Each chapter is written by a different author in their own voice, but I can assure you the story is fluid and cohesive.

We follow a group of individuals who were instrumental in a case against Rosemary Thomas who is accused of killing her philandering husband and stuffing him in an Iron Maiden. She is convicted…


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Release the Star Beast: On the First Alien Movie

I recently picked up the Alien Anthology on Blu-Ray. This represents the second time that I have gotten the full series, after 2003′s ridiculously named …


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Pottermore: The craze after the books!

So if you've been reading the news or been on facebook, you probably heard of 'Pottermore' by now. It's an interactive social networking type of site dedicated to the books. It's not like facebook, it's more of a 2-D  pop-up looking world.…


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Happy Birthday Audrey Wood - August 12

Last night, I attended my first children's literature writing critique group meeting.   In my absence, my wife was excited to have the opportunity to read books at bedtime with our two oldest children.  After I returned home, and we had a chance to talk about our evenings, I realized that my wife and I had similar experiences.  At the meeting, I jumped at the chance to read my own picture book manuscript that I have worked on since last fall to a group of talented writers.  At home, my wife…


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Romancing My Muse

Some of my greatest relationships have kept me guessing, on my toes, and anticipating the next great thing. The love of my life that I’m talking about here is my muse. I often wonder when it will pay a visit in my busy and unpredictable life! Will my muse speak to me when I’m covered in slippery bubbles? Will it show up when I’m sitting behind the wheel on I-95? Sometimes my muse has been known to murmur in my ear when I’m slick with perspiration smashed between simmering bodies on the F…


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Joan Meijer "The Rescue" The Author's Lab/Collaboration Series

Joan Meijer has an amazing depth and breadth of work; put her name in the Amazon Toolbar and watch it go crazy. She has written and will continue to write in a variety of genres and tackle difficult subjects. I had a ton of fun with her on this project; she is a great researcher and commands an amazing knowledge of what she writes about. This time she wanted to tackle something on First Responders. Joan puts in plenty of Firefighters, Police officers, and EMTs in our digital short story. She…


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Richard Brown – Master at Thrillers Interview & Giveaway

Richard Brown is not a vampire, yet. 



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Win a copy of romantic comedy Fourteen Days Later!


The fantabulous BatCrap Crazy blog has just done a lovely review for my romantic comedy… Continue

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Words of Silk by: Sandra Brown

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Spirits be praised, we have a triumphant sensation!

In My Dreams is attention-grabbing from the start, with scenes aptly painted, and emotions superbly expressed. I was drawn in straight away, and found it hard to pull back enough to jot down notes. Cameo weaves a fantastic web of words, and every setting drew me deeper in to Liz’s mind. So when she had a dream of waking up in her boyfriend’s car, hours after Michael was supposed to pick her up, and things didn’t seem right, I had a gut…


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Andrew Gross Eyes Wide Open

If you haven’t read an Andrew Gross novel or just not gotten to this one yet, put it on your list of novels to read or get it in your hands a.s.a.p.; this novel rocks. It is a story that was actually based on real life circumstances of the author and he used it in ways that will have you gripped to the pages, whether they are virtual on the e-reader or just the plain paper. The way he was able to constantly ramp up the tension and move the story forward so quickly is just flat out fun and…


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Daniels' Lot Mark Miller

I am really enjoying Mark Miller’s versatility as an author. True, I have worked with him on a collaboration, ”A Prince in Trenton, Seriously?”  part of The Author’s Lab/Collaboration Series,  read his Empyrical Tales novels, and also his first installment of his brand new series “One”, “Meant To Be”, which I will post on tomorrow . My point in dropping all these titles is simple: Mark Miller is a talented author who is covering a lot of territory and doing it well; it is almost as if he is…


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Back to normal, riots and book burning.

I realise that it has been almost two months since my last post and for that I can only apologise. I have not been feeling too well of late but it seems like I might now be turning a corner as my enthusiasm for reading and blogging is returning.…


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New Contests and Giveaway Blog Hop

Everyone loves to win and I am happy to announce this new giveaway/contest blog hop co-hosted by Frugal Experiments and Gifts by Katherine and organized by the wonderful Lexie at Please feel free to link up any family friendly giveaways or contests that you are holding. We will be posting a new link-up every Thursday.… Continue

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Author hooked on Spain after first visit


Touring Spain for five weeks was a life changing experience for Linda Carlino. It was her first visit to Spain and she became fascinated with its history and led directly to a successful second career as a writer of historical novels.

The author Linda Carlino made her first visit to Spain during the summer of 1988. It wasn’t her choice, it was her husbands. She didn’t speak any Spanish and knew little of Spain and its…


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The UK’s Top Ten Books… Coming in June 2015

The UK’s Top Ten Books… Coming in June 2015 As we move towards summer, publishers are spicing up their lists with some early beach reads. Not that beach-reading has to be just for blockbusters; getting some quality time to read without interruption is perfect for all kinds of books – and this month’s selection is […]

Blogger Spotlight – Stacy Alesi’s

Blog name: Stacy Alesi’s Blog URL: http://stacyalesi.comYour name: Stacy AlesiCan you explain the different features of and what genres you primarily focus on?There are two primary features; reviews and giveaways. I personally review mostly crime fiction, romance, books that appeal to book clubs, and cookbooks. I also cover food writing, occasional memoirs, sci-fi, […]

Emily Schultz Interview

Author Interview We’re excited to start sharing author interviews with our community, in partnership with Feedbooks. Emily SchultzInterviewed by Lara Touitou - Emily Schultz is a Canadian writer based in Brooklyn. She is the co-founder of the literary journal Joyland. The Blondes is her third novel and was one of the finalists for the Trillium […]

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