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Brett Battles The Silenced


Yesterday was just plain nuts, nuts, I tell you! Here is a brief recap of yesterday’s events, follow along with me and tell me if it wasn’t nuts. Vincent Zandri was nice enough to almost give away a major plot twist in our collaborated digital short story we just finished called: The Gang That Couldn’t Kindle Straight”. I think he was miffed that I let it spill he used my name and some guy named Tolstoy’s name in the same sentence. The exact context of how he used my name in…


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The Wendigo

A Dr. Cathcart and his nephew Simpson go hunting for moose in the Canadian wilderness, accompanied by two Canadian guides and a native American cook.

On the surface this classic horror story by Algernon Blackwood revisits the sort of set-up that worked so well in The Willows. There are other similarities but they feel… Continue

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My Goals as an Author

Every author should have goals, right?  I haven’t written mine out, but they are imprinted in my mind.  Of course, I’m probably not alone among authors who are striving to make the best seller lists.  As a newbie author, I have one book that was published in 2004 and another book coming out in November this year.  I have several works in progress and after the editing and rewriting processes will be trying to find homes with publishers for those WIP’s.  One of my main goals as a new author…


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The Iron Fey Week

This week on I Heart Reading: THE IRON FEY WEEK with reviews, teasers and a fabulous Giveaway!


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“The Middle Place” by Kelly Corrigan.

  Not long ago I posted that I was going to start reviewing the books I read on my blog. This is my first book review. The book, “The Middle Place” by Kelly Corrigan.
Cover of "The Middle Place"
             “At 36, Kelly Corrigan had a marriage that worked, two funny, active kids, and a weekly newspaper column. Even then, she still saw herself as the daughter of a garrulous Irish-American charmer, George Corrigan. She was living deep…

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Little Quack Loves Colors

"Join Little Quack and his sister Piddle as they explore the colorful world around them! Children will love learning their colors as Little Quack encounters bright red ladybugs, oozy brown mud, sweet, yellow buttercups, and much more! The padded board book is a perfect format for young readers!"

Little Quack Loves Colors (Super Chubbies)

This is a wonderful little book for those young children in your life. I was looking for a book with a little duck to go with a Christmas ornament I bought for my…


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A young man joins the circus and finds himself in a menagerie of trouble.




To see the review visit A Kindle in Hong Kong

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An American Plague by Jim Murphy

The True and Terrifying Story of the Yellow Epidemic of 1793

In 1793, the fledgling nation’s capital was Philadelphia.  During the summer months, this city was devastated by an epidemic of yellow fever. 


The story continues on

Books Kids Like

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Teaser Tuesday starring JL Langley

Crossposted from my blog


Meme originally hosted by Should Be Reading.

Here's what you do:

  • Grab your current read (or open your current file)
  • Open to a random page (or for you ereaders out there, flip through until your finger hurts)
  • Share two (2) "teaser" sentences from somewhere on that page
  • BE CAREFUL NOT TO INCLUDE SPOILERS! (make sure that what…

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Three Questions with Michele Richard

Is there a message in your novel that you want readers to grasp?



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Question about POVs in a book.

I'm posing an interesting question over on my blog that I would love some opinions about.  


The subject is on Mixing Point of Views in a novel.


Hope to see you there with your thoughts!  Here's the link: http://www,



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Visit Udaipur- The Lake City of Rajasthan

Set in the mystical land of never ending deserts the city of Udaipur is one of the most beautiful cities in India. Also famous as the "Venice" of east, Udaipur has been the one of the most famous destination for honeymoons. Rajasthan has a royal history which is reflected from every nook and corner of this state. The culture of Rajasthan is very vibrant and colorful. With many lakes in the city Udaipur… Continue

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The DMZ giveaway

I had author Jeanette Windle over at my blog for a guest blog post. The guest blog post in a follow-up to my review of The DMZ by Jeanette. Her publisher is mailing a copy of The DMZ to one blog reader. US/Canada only. Comment on my Sugarpeach blog post to enter the contest for this wonderfully entertaining adult… Continue

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Hello everyone


  I joined recently and looking forward to "meeting" a lot of interesting people here... writers, travelers, photographers, journalists in the best sense of the word.   I have been running a series of sites since 1999, evolving over time.  I'm a photographer and writer.  I've been to around 27 countries and 40 states.  


   I read a lot of books and talk to a lot of people.   Just got back from the London Book Fair and some other business in UK.  

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Happy Birthday Jon Agee - April 19

When I was a special education teacher, I had my students spend a small part of each language arts class "working with words".  Students would manipulate letter cards to make words and then rearrange them to find new words.  It was a quick way to focus on word patterns and isolate the sounds we had been studying.  This week my children and I "worked with words" in some hilarious new ways by investigating books by Jon Agee.  We learned about:

- Palindromes (words or phrases spelled…


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Slightly Dented Halos by L A Jackson

I am sure that L A Jackson and her family have earned their halos - and not the dented kind. It takes a special sort of angel to invite her aging in-laws to live with her. This short book covers the span of five years living with, and caring for, aging parents but it is not the sappy, self-promoting or self-pitying drivel you might expect.

Ms Jackson's writing style reminds me a lot of the late, great Erma Bombeck (am I dating myself with that statement??) There is no plot line to… Continue

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An Easter Egg Hunt by the Book

Today I'm reviewing the book,The Great Easter Egg Hunt by Michael Garland


This is one of several in the “Look Again” book series by the author. This means you get more for your money than just a nicely told tale. The book is both written and illustrated by Michael Garland and he packs a lot into his…


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Guest Post Alexandrea Weis author of Recovery

     The rhythm of the resurrecting city of New Orleans is reflected everyday in the unified heartbeat of its determined residents. And no matter the devastation, New Orleanians will continually fight to hold on to their beloved little bastion eight feet below sea level. Like the memory of a first kiss, the warmth of New Orleans pervades your soul and forever becomes a part of you. To travel among the wide oaks and antebellum homes of the Garden District makes for beautiful postcard…


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