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The Last of the Good Guys - Ernesto Patino, Author

The Last of the Good Guys – Review by Martha A. Cheves, Author of Stir, Laugh, Repeat
‘Julie read the note and then the article.  “I don’t understand,” she said from across her kitchen table.  “What does this have to do with Ben’s suicide?”  Alec looked at her.  “I was hoping…

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BOOKBLOGS is also a way of finding friends and tapping into the writing community online, but the focus is on blogging, rather than books, although many members discuss books. It is set up so that you could use it as your blog, with a Your Page tab that leads you to some templates and colors you can use to customize your page. I have tried many times, but have never managed to get it to work. No matter. You can invite…


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For the Love of Another

When I was young I had a special friend named Erik. He was a boy friend, not a boyfriend, but I loved him like family. The first time I ever met him, we were eleven years old and he was riding around our town lake on his bicycle, his wiry tanned legs pushing the pedals through the Oregon dust with a ferocity I learned was characteristic to his life approach. He was a scrappy talented kid who could draw and paint as well as dance every Michael Jackson step as well as the King of Pop…


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                                 "FIGHTING THE DEVIL"




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Help! My Husband & His Friends are talking to many "Literary Liberties" with my Person.

I had to push my husband, Mr.Gelati, away from the laptop for a bit and speak up here. He, and his buddies Vincent Zandri (I always thought you liked me Vince, you seemed so nice), Big Daddy Abel, Thomas White, Benjamin Sobieck and now Thad Brown, some of whom have gone to great lengths to do various things to me in their little stories are up to their antics again.  For those that have yet to read one of these “The Author’s Lab/Collaborations”, they are funny but at whose expense? At times…


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Lindsey Gray Discusses REDEMPTION

Lindsey Gray is available for guest posts and interviews on your blog. She will be on a promotional blog tour for Redemption June 13 - 24.  There is still space available, contact donna at thewriterscoffeeshop dot com to sign up. Any blogger wishing to review Redemption may request a complimentary ebook copy using the above email address.

What is redemption? Webster's defines it as: the act, process, or instance of redeeming.…


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Around the Globe with CYNTHIA POLANSKY

It's a sunny but cool Friday and I'm looking for warmer climes. So I hop in my transporter and pick up this week's author, Cynthia Polansky. She gives me directions which fulfills my desires. Soon, we are sitting on a veranda outside a fashionable hotel in Tahiti. The water is absolutely gorgeous, the air is clean, and the sun is warm. She hands me a passion-fruit punch and we begin the questions.

1. Who is Cynthia Polansky and what makes you the most fascinating person in your… Continue

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Seeking Unparalleled Thrills - Take Adventure Trips to India

From the lofty mountain range of the Himalayas to the submerging delta of Sunderbans; from the deserts of Rajasthan to the dense forests of Chhattisgarh; India is full of mystery and mystique. If you are planning an adventure trip, India should be high on your priority list. A true adventurer can never afford to give India a miss. India has got many adventure trips bundled in a single package. Be it rock climbing, jungle trekking, fast water rafting or other water sports, Indian tourism offers… Continue

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TRUE BLOOD SERIES 3 GIVE AWAY!! Follow the link! ;D Shah. X

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B.R. Stateham The Author's Spotlight

I am planning on running this new segment on Tuesdays and Thursdays. The Author’s Spotlights posts are fun to think about and put together, especially when I have had a chance to actually work closely with the author; that is the case today, so forgive my biased comments. Right off the bat I am going to tell you I enjoy B.R.’s work and have since I pretty much read his first paragraph. The thing about his writing and style though is that it crosses many genres, many styles of taste, and is…


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Thad and The G-Man's Most Awesome Adventure The Author's Lab/Collaboration Thad Brown/Giovanni "The G-Man"Gelati

Are you keeping up with us here? They are only going to keep coming at you, fast, funny and with a fury. The authors are really getting their groove on here and coming at me with some intense work. This installment with Thad Brown is full of surprises, laughter, twists and plenty of action. At the heart of it all though is some incredible writing by non-other than Thad Brown. His claim to fame is the The Smoking Gun Sisterhood Series. I strongly suggest that if you read this digital short…


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Review of Latitude 38, by Ron Hutchison

If you’re looking for something different to read this summer, I highly recommend you grab a copy of Hutchison’s controversial, adventure-filled novel, Latitude 38.


The novel takes place some time in the future. Because of political unrest and heated debates over issues like…


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Ravenous - Dayna Macy



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Alpha by Rachel Vincent

Alpha (Shifters Book 6)


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Grave Robbers (Paranormal) Now 99 cents on Kindle and Nook! Twelve-year-old Charlie had no idea what she was getting herself into when she devised a plan to outwit her father, an experienced grave ro…

Grave Robbers (Paranormal)

Now 99 cents on Kindle and Nook!

Twelve-year-old Charlie had no idea what she was getting herself…


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EXPAT WOMEN: CONFESSIONS by Andrea Martins and Victoria Hepworth


A comprehensive book of common sense advice for women abroad.



See the review of this guide at A Kindle in Hong Kong

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More about Lindsey Gray and Her Books

Lindsey Gray was born and raised in Kansas and continues to live there with her husband, two children, and caramel-colored lab/boxer mix Shelby. As a child, Lindsey entertained dreams of becoming a writer and a doctor. She seriously considered a medical career until she was bit by the acting…


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eBook Revolution

Digital eBooks sales are increasing dramatically and publishers, big and small, are having to adapt to the dramatic changes in their industry.


For many millions of readers books are, and always will be, the favoured way of reading and hopefully hard backs and paperbacks will never be completely replaced by digital forms. But nothing less than a revolution is taking place in the publishing industry at a speed that few could have predicted, and it may well…


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steampunk chronicles - the girl in the steel corset by kady cross (2011)…


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