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The Truth About Witchraft Today by Scott Cunningham

Scott Cunningham delivers nothing but the truth in this short, but informative book.  The Truth About Witchcraft Today is Cunningham’s attempt to inform people about what witchcraft is really all about and to dispel all the falsehoods that Hollywood and the media have propelled.  Cunningham divided the work into three parts: Folk Magic, Wicca, and Summary.

Folk Magic discusses the true uses of this often misunderstood practice. Cunningham even lays out a few simple…


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Locked in on being Lost

I have a reputation for getting lost. I’ve been lovingly nicknamed Wrong Way Denise and rightly so.  Friends suggested I invest in a GPS. I tried it once. I didn’t agree with the voice emanating from the little box .How could they know? Their direction didn’t seem right; so I turned them off and went my own route, much to the dismay of those carpooling with me.  It’s true, I usually arrive late, but boy do I have stories to tell when I get there.

It’s no surprise then, that my…


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Check out the newest review of my book, on top of that the book ranked # 30 this morning and is now # 48.



5.0 out of 5 stars These stories fill the heart with compassion and inspire the soul to help everyone to become better people.
By …

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Book Review of Jennifer's Garden by Dianne Venetta

My book review of Jennifer's Garden by Dianne Venetta is posted on my blog site!

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Sandra Ruttan "Harvest of Ruins"

Eerie looking cover, and more of that on the inside pages. This was my first read on a work penned by Sandra Ruttan, and it definitely will not be my last. “Harvest of Ruins” is one of those multi-layered works that is haunting, highly emotional, and engrossing. Ruttan handles a very tense subject well, and carries us the reader through a journey of pain with a very deft guiding hand. Generally I try to stay away from novels with material that is too heavy; reading for me is fun, and so…


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Book Review - While There is Still Time, A Book of Prophecy Revealed Through Poetry

Book Review by One Day At A Time


Author, Terrell Dunnum, is one of these messengers, bringing words of prophecy via poetry enabling God's hope and healing through his prose.  This book is a blend of rhythm and rhyme delivering a message that will touch those who read the thoughts being shared;…


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How I Sold More Copies Than Stephen King (for 48 hours)

We interrupt regularly scheduled blogging for an ebook update. To my surprise and delight my epubbed novel

has shot up the Kindle charts in the US and UK and is outselling Stephen King. Yes, that Stephen King!…


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Book Review - In Blackness by Cafe of Dreams

Book Review by Cafe of Dreams


After reading the synopsis of In Blackness, I knew instantly that this was a book that I could quickly get into.  I was not wrong.  With a combination of darkness, science fiction, mystery and a whole lot more, In Blackness is a complex, deep, yet…


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Book Review - Just A Few Seconds

Before Reading Nemo James memoir “Just a Few Seconds; A Story From the Hidden World of Music and Beyond” you must first go to or go to YouTube and listen to his music. 

Read more…


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MIchelle Vasquez " 'Til Death Do Us Part"


In the last month Michelle Vasquez has released two digital short stories: “Second Hand Bookstore” and now “Til Death Do Us Part”. Some may say they are shocked by this, me, well, I knew she had it in her. The quick success she has attained is a testament to her hard work and ability. The thing that catches my eye about her work though is that both stories are polar opposites, one is a nice, warm and cuddly tale, the other is a hard core suspense/thriller/horror…


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Around the Globe with J.R. LINDERMUTH

Another Friday is upon us. I just wanted to mention that I've been doing author interviews for quite some time. This week's interview will be the last one for awhile since I would like to concentrate on promoting my upcoming book, Beta. I hope you will join me on my blog tour and continue to visit me…


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Ednah Walters (Chick Lit Romance) On The Best Heroes

Ednah Walters - Chick Lit Romance with an element of suspense Author is talking about HEROES, specifically, THE BEST HEROES.


She like yummy heroes! Ednah also has a giveaway going on.  Find out more about both here:

See you there,


Kay Dee Royal



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Experience Thrilling Adventure Sports During Your India Tours

India and the thrill of adventure sports:

India - the land of different shades and colors is blessed with a vast geographical diversity right from the snow capped peaks of Himalayas to sun-kissed deserts of Rajasthan, lush green forests of Kerala to splendid beaches of Goa to the gushing waters of Kanyakumari. Thus, an ideal destination for adventure sports, India is a place where one can go for trekking or skiing in the Himalayas, camel ride and jeep safari in the deserts… Continue

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Enjoy An Exquisite Blend Of Beaches, Backwaters And Ayurveda In South India

The southern part of India is bordered by the Arabian Sea on West, Indian Ocean on south and Bay of Bengal on East. It is gifted with beautiful lush green forests, marvelous beaches, majestic temples, and ancient buildings which depict the heritage of India. If one really wants an unforgettable vacation, then South India would be the place to be.

South India Beaches:-

South Indian beaches are the most preferred destinations by tourists as they specially visit… Continue

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Seducing the Myth Authors ON Writing Erotica Romance with a Myth

Ravencraft’s Romance Realm proudly features the authors of Seducing the Myth, and erotica fantasy romance anthology. There are twenty-four authors, and many of them will be around to answer questions or simply chat – they’ve put together a nice number of giveaways for a few lucky commenters too.


You’ll find a party going on and their waiting for you to get started at:…


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I just posted a review of THE GUERSNEY LITERARY AND POTATO PEEL PIE SOCIETY by Mary Ann Shaffer and Annie Barrows



An epistolary novel about an author who connects with a community in the Channel Islands over their shared love of reading in the aftermath of World War II.…

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Legends of Tsalagee - Phil Truman, Author

Legends of Tsalagee – Review by Martha A. Cheves, Author of Stir, Laugh, Repeat and Think With Your Taste Buds – Desserts
“One day I was out looking, as I did pretty regular back then.  It was in November.  A rainstorm had come through the night before and left it cold and damp. …

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Once A Week Vegan

Once A Week Vegan


We are a group of friends who write about giving vegan a try and post our best recipes for others to try. 

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Family Vacations Worth Taking

Family Vacations Worth Taking

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Where Do I start...

I'm a little off kilter here...I'm a blogging queen, well that's what I've been called.  But I've never blogged about books! Fan fics and I'm there blogging daily, but I don't know where to start with the books. 


  • Where do you all get your books?
  • How do you get in with the publishing companies?

I have so many questions but I have no clue who to really ask.  So how did you get started??? Where you ask lost as I am lol

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Author Interview – Thriller Edition

In preparation for ThrillerFest X, the annual conference of the International Thriller Writers, we interviewed four bestselling, award-winning authors… who also all happen to be book reviewers. These ITW members shared their unique perspectives on writing & reading book reviews, trends in the Thriller genre and community, and even shared a few stories that made us […]

The UK’s Top Ten Books… Coming in August 2015

The UK’s Top Ten Books… Coming in August 2015 Time was that August provided sad and meagre pickings in the publishing world, but over the last few years this has changed beyond belief. Far from worrying about there being no room for publicity, now many of the most talked-about books are being published in the […]

Cover Love June Edition

June Edition Summer is heating up, and so is our passion for beautiful covers! Here are some designs to kick off your summer with style and, in the case of YOUR top-loved cover this month (THE BOURBON KINGS by J.R. Ward), some romance, too. Click through to read the full description, request the title, and “Like” […]

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