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I finished yet another book last night. This book was really good and I had been reading it off and on for awhile. So now I am happy to finish it and start on another. The book  was "Kitchen Witch" by: Annette Blair. It was a book about a woman who thought herself not worthy of marriage or a family due to her Mom. Also she just could not hold down a job for long. Well somehow she talks herself into doing a Cooking show called the Kitchen Witch. Thing is she can not cook. She used humor and…


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Bookspotting: Week 13

This week I flew from Hong Kong to Phoenix, Arizona for my sister's wedding. Find out which books I spotted in the airports along the way at A Kindle in Hong Kong.


What are people reading in your town this week?

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I've launched a new website entitled WRITE ON, featuring all types of indie authors, at least that's my goal, and I would love to feature you!  I'm looking for minority indie authors, as well as all indie authors to feature on my series entitled, SAVOR THE FLAVOR!  If you've written self-help books, memoirs, children's books, erotica, etc., WRITE ON is looking for you.


Go to: (and please leave…


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Flawed Dogs (The Novel) by Berkeley Breathed

If it weren't for the writing, I might have enjoyed Flawed Dogs The Novel by Berkeley Breathed. Its message, like that of Breathed's picture book, is one everyone should read. But where the picture book conveys this message through cute illustrations and whimsical verse, the novel warps this message through bitter heroes, violent storyline, and a writing style that is sometimes painful to read.



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The Kennedys vs. The Royal Family


This morning I was looking at the paper and I saw an article about the upcoming royal wedding, which I'm only aware of because I don't live in a cave. I said to Rich, my husband, "I don't get why people are so caught up in this wedding."

"Because they're pathetic," he…


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Flawed Dogs (The Picture Book) by Berkeley Breathed

Berkeley Breathed's picture book Flawed Dogs is so good, it deserves to be framed. But don't, because you'll want to reread it until its pages are ragged and taped with adoration.

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This week's excerpt from 'A Dead Man's Debt' joins Celeste, disguised as a maid, as she attempts to flee with evidence that would clear Lord Ranulf's name. (5 star rated historical romance.)



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Where The Rain Is Made - Paranormal Shifter (Native American)

Where The Rain Is Made by Keta Diablo, a paranormal/Historical (shapshifter/time travel) is on the TOP RATED HISTORICAL ROMANCE "Best 100" on Kindle. Woohoo!

If you haven't read Where The Rain Is…

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Thoughts on The Convert by Deborah Baker

Head over to my blog at to read a review of a biography about a Jewish woman who converted to Islam in the 1960s.  Click on the the picture above or the link:…


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Erich's Plea - The Witchcraft Wars - Tracey Alley, Author

Erich’s Plea: Book One of the Witchcraft Wars – Review by Martha A. Cheves, Author of Stir, Laugh, Repeat
‘Two months ago he had arrived at Ostland’s Zeaburg prison complex and been taken to this subterranean dungeon with its smooth stone walls, mazes of corridors, little or…

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Interview/review/book giveaway with mystery author Hurtt & Easter mystery story

New issue of Kings River Life Magazine is up and this week we have an interview with mystery author H.A Hurtt whose book involves cave researchers, along with a review & giveaway of the book

We also have a special Easter mystery short story by Patricia Morin… Continue

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How can I add a blog that people can sign up to follow on my website?

My wife has a book review website and she would love to have a blog that people can sign up for and follow. Is there a way she can add a html code to the website or any other way to add a blog people can follow?

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So Far

I joined only recently and already feel so welcomed by one and all! I am enjoying the discussions and look forward to many more. As it is I am drowing in a sea of books that have not been read. Paper and Ebook both. I am working on several. Some the same type and one way off my normal mark but I am reading it to broaden my mind and learn a little more. I look forward to bloging about it when I am done.



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Down Low-Dead The Author's Lab/Collaboration Vincent Zandri/Giovanni Gelati


Yeah, that is my name along that of one of the hottest authors on the planet today; make no mistake about it. Read it and weep, make fun of me if you will, have a laugh at my expense, did this actually work? I think it did. We are probably one of the greatest foils in the universe. A team not unlike some of the greatest duo’s of all time. No I am not talking about Batman and Robin; Zandri can’t pull of the Robin costume, way too tight and not his colors. No I am talking about…


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Stepping Out

I just recently left my job of six years to become a full-time writer and stay-at-home mom. To be honest I don't know what I'm doing, but I do know I love to write. I also knew I couldn't continue working ten hour days at a day care center taking care of other people's babies, draining my patience and energy until I had none left for my own daughter. Although I have yet to publish my first book or even procure an agent, I know the time is now. If I want to be taken seriously as a writer by…


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The White Stallion by Elizabeth Shub

Gretchen and her family are moving west. One day she gets tired of riding in the hot wagon so her father ties her to their faithful mare, Anna. While Gretchen's father is repairing his axle, Anna wanders off with a sleeping Gretchen on her back.


Finish reading Gretchen's story on

Books Kids Like

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Mod Podge Bookshelf Interview with Author Tess Callahan

Today, as part of Hearts, Flowers, Romance, Tess Callahan is here to share her most romantic memory- one that will have you all swooning and itching to pick up her debut, April and Oliver. 

GC: April is a very sad character, with such a terrible past, do you believe that love redeemed her, or that she found her own path to salvation in the end?
TC: I like this question because I have to think about it. In a way,…

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Why I Write, my Writer’s Declaration

I write because I can even though there will always be critics of my work, but I charge ahead brazenly, trying to freely express myself, my beliefs and my dreams in what I write.


I write because it feels like I’m not breathing if I don’t write.  It’s a part of who I am and the characters in my mind and their lives flow freely onto the page and I feel compelled to tell their stories. 


I write because I feel that I have something important to say and even if I…


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Review - Management Skills by January Rowe

After reading January Rowe's Management Skills I'm never going to look at the phrase "dress like a nun" the same way again. In fact there are a lot of things I'm not going to be looking at the same way again. For example my shower head, the pool (lavender scented only, I hope) and the BDSM community. I've spent some… Continue

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Very cool

Friend is launching his first virtual book tour today for a short Apocalyptic story. So far it has great reviews.


I'm excited for him, even if the foreword is a little strange :P


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