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Energetics: The First Order - Daniel Ward Terre Britton, Authors

Energetics: The First Order – Review by Guest Reviewer Matthew Morrison
Three MIT scientists risk their careers, reputations and their lives bringing a new form of energy to life in ‘Energetics: The First Order’ by Daniel Ward and Terre Britton.  Who wouldn’t want America to have a self-sustained…

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Soul Mates

      The best part of writing for teenagers is remembering what it was like to be one. Never thought I would say that, like most of us I wished it away. I couldn't wait to get to the next step on the ladder. When I was fifteen I wanted to be sixteen, then eighteen was the next best thing. That's because I thought being a kid 'sucked': chores had to be done, homework needed to be handed in on time, and crushes well they did what they were called. 

      But now as I look back, young…


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Bella Steve Piacente

Right off the bat I want to tell you I am interviewing this author today @ 6.30pm EST on my blogtalk show, The G-ZONE. Here is the link for that:

Lincoln Crisler starts off the show at 6pm, Steve is on at 6.30. I have to hand it to the author; he can write a…


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More Noise and Props from an "Indie Publisher" -Trestle Press


Waking to the news that one of my fellow collaborators, Big Daddy Abel, had three titles in the TOP TEN in his category made me take pause and reflect a bit. My wife made me stop though as it appeared it I may go into a seizure or something. Pausing and reflecting is not one of my many strong points. Here is the thing: as little as four months ago BDA was not doing this, the writing thing, nor was Trestle Press doing publishing on any type…


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New Reviews

I've got a whole new line up of reviews at my blog Armchair Archives including:


The No. 1 Ladies' Detective Agency by Alexander McCall Smith

Sophie's World (an intriguing novel of mystery and philosophy) by J.Gaarder

The Storyteller (Nobel award winning contemporary Latin American fiction) by Marios Vargas Llosa

The House…


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Around the Globe with JEFFREY MARTIN

This Friday morning I transport to pick up Jefrey Martin, and once again, I end up getting nudged out of the way of the control settings and soon we are whisked away to parts unknown. (What is it with these pushy authors, think they can take over my transporter anytime they feel like? Lol Just kidding.) Anyway, I'm a little wary because we've ended up at a strange house somewhere in possibly forgotten territory and...well, I'll let the Mr. Martin take it from here.

Today, I’m… Continue

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Mamas, Don't Let Your Frat Boys Grow Up to be Bonds Traders

Tom Wolfe wrote The Bonfire of the Vanities quite a few years before I Am Charlotte Simmons, so my experience reading them in reverse order isn't technically chronological, of course. However, as I recently completed my painstaking for-pride-and-pride-alone reading of Bonfire, I kept coming back to the…


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Bring Us Your Living...Now! H.R. Toye The Author's Lab/Collaboration series

H.R. Toye is the author of the “Debtor’s Chip” series of digital short stories and she wanted to go all out hardcore horror with this little number. It is a smoking hot read and is filled with plenty of serial killer action and hardcore zombie suspense to slake any horror lover’s thirst. WARNING: If you have read any of the previous The Author’s Lab/Collaboration stories I think you have noticed an element of humor running throughout the story. That is not the case here.…


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Dianne Greco Discusses In the Hands of Grace

Dianne Greco is available for interviews and guest posts on your blog. Please email donna at thewriterscoffeeshop dot com. If you would like to review In the Hands of Grace, you may request a complimentary ebook in epub, mobi/kindle, or pdf.

My book, In the Hands of Grace, is about a woman named Susan who, after seventeen years, is terminated via an impersonal e-mail from her high powered job as a gem broker in New York…


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India Books supporting India’s GDP

India is increasingly becoming the most powerful economy of the world.
Have you ever wondered the reason for the India’s success in this field? I think the reason why India is growing is because it has a very rich literature and history. Indian authors and books are very famous and have been used as a reference guide by many scholars across the world.…

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is there anyone that could review one of my books,,,, ??? and tell me if its any good??

is there anyone that could review one of my books,,,, ??? and tell me if its any good?? Continue

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Dana Littlejohn - Interview & Give Away

I have some scoop on Dana Littlejohn - Featured Fantasy Erotica Romance Author. Come and learn all about her and her newest release, Eros’ First Fix, at:…


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Link up your creations at this weeks blog hop and read the review of Thor!

Depending on your level of geekiness, you may have known for some time now about the coming of the Thor movie from the after credits sneak peak in the last Iron Man movie. I could hear an audible gasp from the movie theater audience when they flashed the hammer along with the S.H.I.E.L.D. agent standing in the background, and then the screen going black.......


 For the rest of the review including pictures and video - click the link..............



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Perfect Shadow By Brent Weeks (novella) 5 out of 5 stars

If you have not read the Night Angel Trilogy you most likely will not like this. But me being a Huge fan of the trilogy I absolutely loved it. It definitely taught me a lot about Durzo. I just wish it was longer (yes I know it was a novella). I can def recommend if you… Continue

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Everlasting By Alyson Noel 2.5 out of 5 Stars


I guess my review is kind of harsh because I was not the hugest fan of the series.  It was one of those series you just keep thinking might get better so you hang in there.  I can say this one was not as bad as some but still did not shock nor leave me wanting more.  Although I know a lot of fans are kind of bummed about wanting an epilogue.  I think though it leaves a great…


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Teachers, Hey Teachers!

Whether you are in public school, private school or home school, I have news for you! (just in time for summer)

Some of you may have seen this before, but many haven't. I've added a page over atMillerWords specifically for you. After many requests from teachers and parents, I put together The Empyrical Tales Study Guide.

That's right! Not only are the Empyrical Tales a lot of fun, now they can be homework too.

Check out… Continue

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Just Finished Reading Heat Wave

Just finished Heat Wave.  The book is of course based on the hit TV show Castle, which I am a huge fan.  The Author is listed as Richard Castle and stars Nikki Heat.. the character he bases off of Detective Kate Beckitt in the show. 


For a gimmic for a TV following it was quite fun and refreshing.  The characters all carry the personalities of the roles they are based from.  But the very unique twist is that where the star of the show is Rick Castle.. the book is all about…


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Ripping Off The Emotional Band-Aid

After much discussion with my son, husband, family, friends, writer peeps and complete strangers I have decided to put pen to paper regarding Logan's story.

He's not only my son


my hero and it's time for the world to meet him.

Here is a section of the Preface.....

The moment had come; the one I had pushed deep within the confines of my mind. The moment that woke me up at 2am drenched in sweat. The words fell from my son’s mouth firmly. “Mom, I know… Continue

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The Great Mogul Diamond - G.P. Taylor

In this third book in the Dopple Ganger Series we find Saskia and Sadie living with Muzz Elliott. After over- hearing a phone conversation they determine that someone is trying to blackmail Muzz. They call and get Erik and Dorcus Potts involved. While Muzz takes the girls to France on what she calls a vacation, Dorcus and Erik head to France by car. It is obvious someone doesn’t want them to get there. But, Why? Muzz is confronted with crimes that seem to have been taken right from her books.… Continue

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