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Lit Fest Advice from mystery writers

Chicago's Printers Row Lit Fest featured tons of workshops and panels for authors and fans.  Read more about pointers and perspectives from Libby Fischer Hellmann and Barbara D'Amato.

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YA LabLit book review: Deadly by Julie Chibbaro

(out of 5 stars)

Year published: 2011

Category: Young adult (YA) LabLit

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SUMMARY (from book):

In the early 1900’s, sixteen-year-old Prudence Galewski leaves school to take a job assisting the head epidemiologist at New York’s Department of Health and Sanitation, investigating the intriguing case of “Typhoid Mary,” a seemingly… Continue

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Borealis A Space Anthology Book 2 - Burkhart, Mitchell McMaster, Authors

Borealis – A Space Anthology Book Two – Review by Martha A. Cheves, Author of Stir, Laugh, Repeat
Shadows and Light – Stephanie Burkhart, Author
“Get it off me!”  Elijah and Dax turned in the direction of the cry.  A civilian dressed in a dark…

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Win a copy of the memoir, Don't Let the Secret Out by Jessamine Rose

Join us for the giveaway of the memoir, Don't Let The Secret Out, at Writing Daze.


Read an excerpt:


Spring came and mommy had Edna Cora

She was named after my Daddy’s sister and also was…


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Narrative-ly Speaking Chantal Boudreau

Narrative-ly Speaking

By Chantal Boudreau

Choosing what voice you are going to use is an important part of the planning process in fiction writing.  Normally, I hate writing in first person.  I don’t think I’m very good at it, and I don’t think that I necessarily do the narrator proper justice, but sometimes the stories demand it, so I grit my teeth and go.  I have a much easier time approaching a tale as observer.  I’ve heard several…


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Win a copy of the paranorma novel, The Final Victim

Join us for the book giveaway of The Final Victim, a paranormal novel at Paperback Writer.

Read the Excerpt


For some reason, Rudy was uncomfortable tonight, physically and mentally. Transporting a coffin was a new…


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Three Months of Warm Weather!

After a glorious weekend of working outdoors in warm sun with mild breezes, I came to realize that we have just come out of the longest winter I have ever experienced in my life. Eight full months of winter weather has left us shaky like little wimps, unable to do the smallest physical task without our muscles screaming, because we don't have any muscle left in our bodies! Well, I'm speaking for myself, of course, because Kurt has been working non stop trying to keep this boat afloat like…


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Small Blogs, Big Giveaway!!!!

I teamed up with some great blogs to host a huge giveaway to kick off the summer. Small Blogs, Big Giveaways starts NOW!!!

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Happy Birthday Cynthia Rylant - June 6

"Can you guess what we're doing tomorrow after school?" I excitedly asked my daughter, a big fan of Cynthia Rylant, on Wednesday afternoon.  She shrugged her shoulders instead of providing a guess.  "We will be heading to Kent State University to look through boxes of Cynthia Rylant's stuff."  The response was exactly what I expected from my daughter -- super excited, but she stopped and looked at me, maybe a little puzzled. Then, I clarified, "We get to look at her stories -- before they… Continue

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Huldra - Norse Forest Lady


Beautiful and tricky creatures that all men should handle with care, or risk sever punishment. Isn’t it always the way – what lures you is usually the most dangerous. The huldra has appeared in…


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Comment on Amazon for Middle Time

Middle Time is a historical mystery in which past and present are interwoven in a narrative that kept me hooked on till the very end. The story is about the adventure that Maya, a Chennai-based lawyer went through as she began her inquiry into the murder of Tulsi, her client who died in mysterious circumstances. The historical angle of the novel comes into the picture when Maya discovers a motheaten paperback which transports her back in time to Hampi in C.E.1536, the period just after…


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read comments on my book Middle Time

By Reshma
Good story, rather good pace, interesting premise, Middle Time has most factors that should make a book readable and most of all saleable on the counter. But I suppose I should not be a judge of the market. It's not done to play spoilsport and give away the…

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Read my book Summary

Book Summary of Middle Time

As Maya drove to her parents’ house, she reflected on her meeting with Toni. So, Tulsi had been doing research. This seemed to be a clue. Maybe she had found the story of the widow Thulasi’s murder or Achale’s story in the archives—how easily…

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Hot Summer Ebook Deal!

Summer is here so in honour of lounging on a sunbed, chillaxing, I'm offering a hot sumer deal on my chicklit mystery The Fashion Police!

Until 15th June The Fashion Police will be reduced to $0.99! Woo hoo! You can buy it from … Continue

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Beautiful Creatures

T his book is so romantic, dark, sexy and full of mystery. The two authors did a great job with the characters and plot. I love our main character Ethan Wate who came from a small town of Gaitlin, and here comes a new girl in town, Lena. It is so nice being inside of Ethan's mind, how he feels about Lena was really strong and so cute :) How he tells the story of his hometown, its so… Continue

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T. M. Hobbs Discusses WINGS OF FATE

My Journey To Wings Of Fate

I enjoyed the research for my novel, Wings of Fate. I had to research Canada and Montana for locations in my book. I discovered many beautiful places in the Alberta Canada area which helped me establish the setting and backdrop for my story.

I chose Canada, not only for its untouched, pristine attraction, but also because of the snowy landscape, thick, tall trees, and the Woodland Cree Native American people that live there. These aspects and many… Continue

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Last Hope, a Zombie Novel - by Drew Brown

Last Hope, by Drew Brown


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My Favorite.

I ran out of new books to read a couple of weeks ago, and when that happens I tend to turn back to books I've already read that I loved and want to revisit. So I did.

My favorite book is The Time Traveler's Wife. …


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Eat, Pray, Love Favorite Quotes

I decided to take a look back at the Eat, Pray, Love and pull from it my favorite parts. This has become a very important book for me in terms of a place to go to for advice, an inspiration to live the way you want and to figure out how to do what you love. I've read and re-read it a couple of times now and it never ceases to amaze me (and make me a little jealous) of the year Elizabeth Gilbert had during the writing of… Continue

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