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Two Princesses of Bamarre by Gail Levine

This is not my first introduction to Gail Levine, the movie Ella Enchanted is, but this is my first introduction to her books. It will not be the last either, for Levine has catapulted into my top five list of modern fantasy authors. The Two Princesses of Bamarre is one of many of her books that I have now read.…


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Princess Diaries by Meg Cabot

Have you ever dreamed of being heir to a throne? Mia hadn't, but suddenly finds herself with a kingdom to rule. If you expect the book Princess Diaries by Meg Cabot to resemble the movie, to actually show her dealing with being a princess, think again. This is just another teen romance, and not a very good one at that, and should stay on the shelves.…


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Self-Published Sunday Elephant Milk Diane Sherry Case

I am going to have to guess that you hear this saying every day. I have used this phrase right here in this very same spot on a different Self-Published Sunday, “don’t judge a book by its cover. Elephant Milk by Diane Sherry Case has a pretty snappy piece of artwork on the cover, but what does it all mean, and what exactly is elephant milk? Okay, check out what is between the covers on this one:

“Sean Hayes is driving a lime green dune buggy that a friend of hers traded from Elvis…


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More Edgar Rankings... Poke. Really?

Taking a quick side trip from my own writing to post another review/ranking.  Read more… Continue

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VOTE! Best historical romance 2010 !


As a new author it’s difficult to spread the word about your debut novel which is why I’m especially thrilled that “A Dead Man’s Debt” has just been nominated at The Romance Reviews in the category


I would really appreciate your votes –

Simply follow the…


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Fun, Chilling Tale

The Haunted E-book

J. L. Bryan

Smashwords (2011),

Mobi format,

Print length, 246 pages

Rated 4 stars of 5 possible

The Haunted E-book is a ghost story and a horror story... and, well, it's just plain spooky. Dee escapes her librarian job and her unfaithful boyfriend by reading romance and fantasy on her Kindle. One day, while looking for something new to read, she discovers The Haunted E-book and downloads a copy to her Kindle. The…


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Book Review - All About Daisy

All About Daisy

BY: O’Dell Hutchison



ISBN: 9781456516956

Pages: 374

Reviewed by Billy Burgess

Daisy is excited about starting high school. She has been a loner with no friends, except for her neighbor Margaret. All this is going to change. She sets up a Facebook account and a personal blog, where she lists all of her goals for the school year.

Her first day of school was not a memorable… Continue

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Grenville & The Lost Colony of Roanoke


Grenville & The Lost Colony of Roanoke…


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Happy Birthday Chris Raschka - March 6

"His minimalist approach, that ability to say so much with one wild, graceful squiggle here and one loose dab of line there and unbridled, vigorous sweeps of color all over, all which add up to Raschka's inimitable quirky style. His impressionist style leaps off the page with an infectious energy, affection, humor, and -most importantly- what comes across as a keen since of respect for the child reader. "  This quote is from the introduction of a must-read interview with Chris Raschka conducted… Continue

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The Different Flavors of Reality ~ Where Do Creative Ideas Come From?

I may lose a few folks with these opening comments but to really “get” this post you should first read this one and then read this one. They’ll open in new windows so you can pop right back here… I totally…


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Remarks on A Doll's House by Henrik Ibsen

Head over to my blog at to read a review of a play considered to be a feminist classic. Click on the picture or the following link…… Continue

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Digital short Saturday Brother 'Big Daddy" Abel OPEN MIC

“Brother” Giovanni gets on the board with this one. Confused, I am sure you are. You would have to read the disclaimer, (which I wrote-wink, wink), in the beginning of Open Mic to understand how I came Brother Giovanni; I am not giving that away. This is the first time I am in a published work; I am pumped and honored. FYI: BDA, as he is known to his many fans, will be on our blogtalk show twice this month. March 8th for the roundtable discussion @ 3pm and then again by his…


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A Court Lady - Clova Leighton, Author


A Court Lady – Review by Martha A. Cheves, Author of Stir, Laugh, Repeat
“Von Lichtenberg, I wish that you would consider this offer.  I want to see you married off.  It is your duty, as a soldier, to found a family, before you go to fight.  And…

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New issue Kings River Life-full of books, giveaway & more

New issue of Kings River Life just went up. There is an interview with Australian mystery author Diana Hockley, a review of her book & a contest to win a copy

There's also a review of the book "Winter's Bone" with has a suspense/mystery side to it…


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A Vampire naked sex chat line……… .yes …nude ….starkers……bare…. unclothed

A Vampire naked sex chat line……… .yes …nude ….starkers……bare…. unclothed

I was chatting away to a friend on FB today (yes Rechelle it was you) saying that I was naked and just going to take a shower……..yes I do chat in the nude.......... soooooooooo well why not?………….. and no I don’t have a video cam ……pervert!!!!

And I got to thinking ……………. Yes I can do that in the shower ………. It is called multi tasking ………. Now will you stop thinking of my naked body all covered in soap… Continue

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If what you do is what you are...

Then I need to seriously focus on writing.  Right now, I'm more of a writer wannabe.  Read more.

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A beautiful post about me, featuring my poetry too!

Please head over to My Bits and Bleeps blog and see this beautiful tribute that was written for me.





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Giveaway and Grace Elliot author interview (NEW!)

Hi there,

Love a misunderstood hero?

Like spirited, rebellious heroines?

Crave page turning romance?


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Anyone want to win a free KINDLE????


Check out my blog post to learn how! It ends TODAY!!! Maybe you could follow me while your here :)


Good Luck!

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