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My Life in China

I remember the first time I visited China, it was in the early seventies before Nixon had visited. Mao was in power and the Country was in the control of the infamous Red Guard. It wasn't easy then, as China had no Embassy or Consulate in the States I first had to fly to Hong Kong to get a visa. Even though I had been invited,it was days of Bureaucratic red tape and a lot of uncertainty. I finally got my visa and headed for Kai Tek airport.

I had my first uneasy feeling when I… Continue

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"Holy Chrome Bocce Balls on Fire" by who else,ME

I have been fortunate to carve some time out of the days here and there and finally get this done, the sequel to “I Have Chrome Balls, Don’t You?” You may not know this but “Chrome Balls” actually made it to number 54 on the Amazon Kindle Top 100 Comedy; no joking here, I am being serious. I received some pretty nice five star reviews, and one four star, to me that just screamed sequel. So what did I do, how could I possibly continue the plotline? I have the synopsis below and the link to…


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“Writers don’t WANT everyone to read their books.”

Good day.

I’m currently away enjoying a holiday with some very good friends on their gorgeous sailing boat. A lot of the regulars to my blog posts will know I am an avid sailor myself so this holiday is just perfect! You might also know I wrote most of The Crossing… Continue

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Happy Birthday Lane Smith - August 25

My children and I have shared many laughs together reading books by Lane Smith. Whether it be the beastly fable, Horseshoe Crab and Blowfish fromSquids Will Be Squids or Baby Hocky's troubles with white coats, candy apples, and balloons in The Happy Hocky Family or Paul Revere, the loud talking underwear salesman in John, Paul, George… Continue

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My book again available...

My new book is finally available at Smashwords, this time in every ebook format known to man! find it at

It's made it to the premium catalog, and will eventually be available at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, etc.


Starting on the…


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One on One: The G-Man goes up against Robert Browne author of "The Paradise Prophecy"

-Did you enjoy the research or the writing more on this novel?

Normally I don't enjoy research, but in the case of THE PARADISE PROPHECY I had a lot of fun with it.  Looking into the history of ancient documents like The Devil's Bible and Steganographia was not only fascinating, but also had a great influence on the direction, scope and depth of the story itself.

What is your writing style? Are you an extensive outliner or do you just do it all organically as it comes to…


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Meet Clark Hayes & Kathleen McFall - PN Author Writing Duo - Telling it like it is...

Ravencraft Romance Realm is honored to have Clark Hayes and Kathleen McFall, a Paranormal Romance Author duo/team as our Guests for the day. They share their duo writing experience and process. They also share a little about their new release, The Cowboy and the Vampire.

Details for a Giveaway are announced as well.

It all happens here:…


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Mother Mary and Devi Ma - Sacred, Yes; Women ...? Holy Guacamole!

The post examines how religion leaches saintly women of womanhood ...

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conversations you can you have when Naked together

I’m still looking for a guy he has to be Rich, 6 ft 2 tall, blond with a six pack body and hung like a horse is not asking too much is it ? See I only have simple needs ………ho well …..Perhaps one day ……sigh………. Look ok he can dye his hair blond as to height, he has to be taller than me as I want someone who can reach the top shelf in supermarkets……….. er…….. well I can also drop the 6 pack idea but not fat, and he must be able to open jars, twist lids my butt they must… Continue

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Five Gold Stars for SHOW ME HOW!


By Vivian Kirkfield, BA, MS


Vivian Kirkfield has poured so much care and love into this wonderful guide that it is palpable on every page. Any parent would consider it a blessing to be able to leave…


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Pride and Prejudice Review





The Annotated Pride and Prejudice


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August 23, 2011


A front-page article in the Sunday Times got my attention. It was an immigrant story unfolding in Britain, but it could certainly could have been here or in any country in Western Europe. I don’t want to get into immigration politics but I think everyone will agree that there is a certain degree of public hostility toward specific groups of immigrants. ‘Managed migration’ ensures the most desirable, skilled refugees…


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Hi Fellow Bookblog Buddies,

I am pleased and excited to announce that Diesel Book Store in the Brentwood Country Mart at 225 26th Street in Santa Monica is carrying my book!!!  If you live in the area, please stop in and visit Aunt Nettie--she's been waiting to tell you some of her great tales!!

Thanks so much,

CV Smith

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Faith: The cornerstone of writing

You must have faith.

That's the conclusion I've come to after all these years of writing. The cornerstone of becoming a writer and continuing on in this odd field is faith. By that I don't mean religious faith, but a personal faith. You must believe in…

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A bitter pill to swallow

It’s dark and I have no idea of where I am nothing around me looks Familiar, I can hear voices just out of eye shot. My head feels as if it may explode and I am fighting the urge to throw up. There is a swell of disinfectant hanging in the air which is not helping me much. I sit up in bed and try to take in my surroundings. I was not meant to be here, I had taken the decision to close my eyes for the very last time. I feel cheated; once more any control over my own life had been taken from me.… Continue

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Lost Queen Latest Review

Valentina, reviewer for Midwest Book Review, has posted a very kind review of The Lost Queen  on her blog.

I have to say, I am humbled by her generous words. I always enjoy hearing and reading responses to my stories. Thanks to everyone that loves reading them too!

Valentina… Continue

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Liberalism or Conservatism: The State over the Individual


This editorial will be a view of liberalism, and conservatism systemic beliefs. Furthermore, what these two divergent philosophies impede or promote.


The terms' liberal, and conservative I believe are really talking points. The more accurate terms are socialism, and…


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Around the Globe with RODNEY ROBBINS

An early trip this week with our featured author due to the fact I'll be in Nashville on Friday. However, today in Iowa it looks to be another very warm day, so I'm off to meet Rodney Robbins in Denmark this morning. While doing the interview, we're touring the National Museum, looking at the…


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John Reed "Another Lousy Day in Paradise"

Ready to take a trip down memory lane? Do you remember the time period between 1978 and 1983? Okay, were you even born yet? I know I am an oldhead, so for me I was into the fun romp through some of the memories of music, clothing, word usage(slang), places similar to Space Port, and many other things John Reed details in his debut novel. The time period is special for me because I met, fell in love with my wife and got married during this time period. Although Jay Cody had his share of…


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The UK’s Top Ten Books… Coming in June 2015

The UK’s Top Ten Books… Coming in June 2015 As we move towards summer, publishers are spicing up their lists with some early beach reads. Not that beach-reading has to be just for blockbusters; getting some quality time to read without interruption is perfect for all kinds of books – and this month’s selection is […]

Blogger Spotlight – Stacy Alesi’s

Blog name: Stacy Alesi’s Blog URL: http://stacyalesi.comYour name: Stacy AlesiCan you explain the different features of and what genres you primarily focus on?There are two primary features; reviews and giveaways. I personally review mostly crime fiction, romance, books that appeal to book clubs, and cookbooks. I also cover food writing, occasional memoirs, sci-fi, […]

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