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Getting Published Part 1: What surprises debut authors the most about the publishing industry?

Getting published.  The thought of it makes a writer’s mind go into a state of euphoria with dollar signs dancing in all directions. When I first became published, I had no idea what was in store.  I went with an e-publisher and my journey didn’t turn out quite the…


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Book Of The Day!

Feature Wednesday!

Fairy Tail

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Lola Smirnova’s Novel ‘Twisted’ Is Free On Kindle For A Limited Time

Author Lola Smirnova announced today that her latest novel Twisted will be listed for free on Amazon from April 29th through May 1st, 2015.

Twisted is a…


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Book Giveaway and Interview with Children’s Author Amy Hauer

Book Giveaway Apr 27 – May 4: You have a chance to win a Children’s Book, Emily Grace Goes Pumpkin Picking/Emily Grace Goes Apple Picking (a two-in-one book). Book: U.S. and Canada or E-book: International.


The Emily Grace books are non-fiction tales about a young girl’s real adventures as she visits, discovers and interacts with the world around her. Whether it’s a flower shop, a garden with worms, or picking pumpkins and apples, each story is different.…


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Print books are in. With words, and everything!

The print run of Slightly Off the Mark: The Unpublished Columns is here, but we could run out quickly! (Not really, we’ll just order more.)


You can get a signed copy on my website at using PayPal, or do that whole credit card thing. Or, you can get a print copy on Amazon and pair it with the Kindle version at half price. Or, just shoot me a line and we’ll make arrangements.


On that…


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The Official Announcement, Now That You Already Know

This is what I was going to post to get the ball rolling on the release of Slightly Off the Mark: The Unpublished Columns (which are now the published columns). But now it’s up on Amazon, and on the website, and … we just got our delivery of print copies!



“I turned around a few minutes later, walked into the Albion New Era office with the aura of confidence and skill, and said ‘I changed my mind. Pleasssseeeee!!!!!!’”

--Slightly Off the…


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New Book, New Reviews

You know what I like? Well, yeah, Mountain Dew. Okay, sleep, I like sleep. But in this case, I like when my new book gets reviews before it’s technically even published:

Okay, it’s technically published. Let’s now make it officially published. (I also like chocolate.)



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BOOK REVIEW: Scion of Ikshvaku

Post a successful Shiva Trilogy, Amish explores and dwells in to the life of Ram and his Ram Rajya.

Set to release on 22nd of Jun, 2015, Scion of Ikshvaku by the Indian author of fame Amish Tripathi is a forthcoming fantasy novel on the life of legendary Indian king, Rama, a manifestation of Vishnu. The author released the title of the book at the Jaipur Literature Festival and revealed that his next series would be based on Rama and his…


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Book Giveaway and Interview with Historical/Romantic Suspense Author Ronda Gibb Hinrichsen

Book Giveaway Apr 20 - 27: You have a chance to win a Mystery/Romance, Betrayed. Hard Copy: U.S. only


Betrayed is about a young woman who protects a child from the ruthless gang who killed her parents and faces love and self-sacrifice at the brink of the Niagara Falls.


1851: Niagara Falls, New York. The evidence has been well hidden—the Thayers were confident that it was safe from the clutches of the ruthless Murphy Gang. But it has all…


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Dropping Prices, Rising Donations

We’ve dropped the e-book price on The No-Campfire Girls from $1.50 to 99 cents, to celebrate the May 1st release of my humor book, Slightly Off the Mark! The print copy of our summer camp story remains $5.00, but if you’re hesitant to give us too much money, then hear this:


One third of the proceeds from The No-Campfire Girls was going to support Camp Latonka, the Missouri Girl Scout facility Emily called home for many years. That is now…


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Novelist Jerry Kaczmarowski Announces The Release Of His Latest Techno Thriller ‘Sapient’

Seattle, WA (April 17, 2015) – Jerry Kaczmarowski announced today that his latest highly anticipated novel Sapient, a techno thriller, is now available for sale on Amazon in eBook and…


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Book Of The Day!

Book Of The Day!

Rememberers by C. Edward Baldwin…


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Book Review: Shades of Gray (Amaranthine Book 1)

You can forgive Katelina if she thinks the murder of her boyfriend Patrick is the worst thing that could happen to her. Or she may have thought that, before she’s torn out of her life by the mysterious Jorick, and discovers her association with Patrick has made her hunted—by vampires


In “Shades of Gray (Amaranthine Book 1)”, Katelina is plunged into a nightmare, unable to contact friends or family, separated from home and work. Worse, her only protector is also a…


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Why Book Reviews Matter & How to Write Them

At NetGalley, we're always talking with our members and publishers to find out how they use NetGalley, and what is important to them when it comes to finding titles, reading them, providing Feedback. Recently some of you told us that you would like some tips on how to write a book review and what happens once you submit your review to the publisher via NetGalley. First, I'd like to start with why your reviews are important to the success of the book and the author. Since most titles on…


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Book News

The 10 most challenged books in the U.S. last year…

Read More


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Book Giveaway and Interview with Inspirational Author Mary Ball

Book Giveaway Apr 13 - 20: You have a chance to win an Inspirational Story, Redemption in Big Fork Lake.


Redemption in Big Fork Lake: Can he be forgiven? Only after Robert Turner hurts a woman does he realize how much of a hold alcohol has on his life. For Robert, a chance meeting with an Alcoholics Anonymous sponsor offers hope. A new devotion to the Lord and a relationship with Belle McBride gives him expectations for a better future. His life appears…


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Sapient by Jerry Kaczmarowski

Sapient is a techno-thriller by Jerry Kaczmarowski. It will be released in April 2015.


Abandoned by her husband after the birth of their child, Jane Dixon’s world is defined by her autistic son and the research she does to find a cure for his condition. She knows her…


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Top 2 Books on Amaon are.... Adult Colouring Books?

The top two best-selling books on Amazon right now are colouring books for adults. Seriously!

Adult Colouring Book Oh My, my, my.. I'm actually not that surprised by this "news".…


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The UK’s Top Ten Books… Coming in June 2015

The UK’s Top Ten Books… Coming in June 2015 As we move towards summer, publishers are spicing up their lists with some early beach reads. Not that beach-reading has to be just for blockbusters; getting some quality time to read without interruption is perfect for all kinds of books – and this month’s selection is […]

Blogger Spotlight – Stacy Alesi’s

Blog name: Stacy Alesi’s Blog URL: http://stacyalesi.comYour name: Stacy AlesiCan you explain the different features of and what genres you primarily focus on?There are two primary features; reviews and giveaways. I personally review mostly crime fiction, romance, books that appeal to book clubs, and cookbooks. I also cover food writing, occasional memoirs, sci-fi, […]

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