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Bright Fire, by M. J. Austin, is a YA Fantasy Delight!

Title: Bright Fire

Series: Bright Fire Series, #1

Author: M. J. Austin

Genre: YA Fantasy


Pages: 117 (eBook)

**I received a complimentary copy from the author in exchange for a honest, unbiased review**

In this YA novel, real-world events and mythology intertwine to make…


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Ever Mine, by Eden Ashe - - -> Some fairytale romance for you all! (18+)


Title: Ever Mine

Author: Eden Ashe

Publisher: Lyrical Press


Genre: Paranormal Romance

Ages: 18+

Pages: 105 (eBook)

In this magical novel, Nathan Alexander is preparing to meet his ex-fiancee, Rhiannon, after a long day at the office. A delivery of (yet another) plant from…


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Sink your teeth into A Bit of Bite, by Cynthia Eden

Title: A Bit of Bite

Publisher: Entangled Publishing

Author: Cynthia Eden (USA TODAY  bestselling)


Pages: 100 (eBook, w/ book preview included)

Genre: Paranormal Romance

Part of an Entangled Anthology

Sheriff Ava Dushaine of Crossroads,…


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Nightmare in Steam, by Lexi Ostrow - - >> Guaranteed to heat things up!

Title: Nightmare in Steam (Alliance of Silver and Steam, #1)

Author: Lexi Ostrow

Genre: Steampunk Romance

Publisher: Steamworks Ink.

Pages: 220 (eBook)

ASIN: B00OY3B814

**I received a free copy via NetGalley in exchange for an honest…


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Secrets of the Moon Saga Work in Progress

As of right now I’m busy trying to finish the Secrets of the Moon saga. I just turned in book two and three. Although, they’re more of a 1.5 kind of books considering that not only are they entirely from Kyran’s POV but it depicts what’s going on while my main character, Marjorie, is still at the hospital after being attacked by a werewolf.

Now, if you’re not familiar with the first book below is a little more information on it:

Title: Secrets of the…


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Keeper of the Lost Souls

Bryn McCaskey is young, naïve, and can talk to ghosts...

Like her…


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The Viking’s Witch - book summary & links

Hi everyone!

My first Medallion Press romance, The Viking’s Witch, won a Gold IPPY award for Best Romance! This steamy historical with paranormal elements has gotten several excellent reviews. Reviews and an excerpt are on my site & blog.

Here’s the summary and links.




Kelli A. Wilkins


The Viking’s Witch

About to be burned at the stake by her fellow villagers, Odaria does what any…


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My guest spot on the TV show Paranormal Crossings

Paranormal Crossings Here is the link to my guest appearance on Paranormal Crossings with Aaron Collins. I discuss my books and psychic experiences.

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BookBUB Regrets They're Unable To Launch My Free Novel 11/26

Not very happy right now. A few months ago I submitted my novel to Bookbub to run an ad for a free promo - which I'd heard from other authors was a successful route to getting more downloads. I did, as it turns out reach #5 in Free Promo Books in two genres and mainstream over my 2 day promotion with out them. I received a kindly email encouraging me to re-apply when I had more reviews. Cut to now, I have 20. I just received this lovely email:

Thanks for your submission.…


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Richard Smiraldi reinvents the psychological thriller by deftly combining elements of disparate genres into a strange and delightful brew of action and intrigue.

Here's the latest review. I must say, they're getting juicier and juicier! 

This novel combines mystery and suspense with a refreshing twist of the supernatural and dark fantasy that will leave fans clamoring for more. Richard Smiraldi reinvents the psychological thriller by deftly combining elements of disparate genres into a strange and delightful brew of action and intrigue. "Death and Disappearances" is an original and tantalizing thrill ride that pulls the reader in…


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One Psychedelic Trip Down Paranormal Way - Latest Amazon Review 5 STARS!

I found this latest review very interesting as the reader poses the question I never thought of, namely, what if the characters were just high - compromised by all the drinking, and what if there were drugs in the tea the psychic served up? Then it could mean that all of the paranormal activities could've been delusions! I love it!

Here's the review on Amazon:

This was a really entertaining and suspenseful book involving a vampire that really kept my…


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It is especially warming to find that readers on the other side of the pond are giving me a 5 STAR Review

Here is the review that was posted to Amazon UK. I don't always check the other sites around the globe - but it's heartwarming to know that there are people on the other side of the pond reading my work - and liking it. We never know if our work here in the states will translate into other parts of the world or culture. How wonderful it is to know that even in the UK (I know, not that much of a stretch) are enjoying the novel.

Here is the published review! (Woot! Woot!) And as…


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Do Increased Five Star Reviews Increase Sales?

Okay, so every day I open up the Amazon page, or Goodreads, or LibraryThing or Shelfari and I find that there are people out there in the world, not only buying and reading my book, but writing the (for the most part) most marvelous things! They get the characters, they understand the themes, I've managed to scare them, to make them cry- I've gotten them to care...which for a writer is absolutely everything. But of course there's the part of me that happy with these wonderful reviews, also…


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Another FIVE STAR Review for Death And Disappearances!

“Death and Disappearances,” is truly a captivating and highly artistic tale. I love the images that the author was able to conjure up in my head. The images that were particularly strong were the author’s descriptions of Petula and the scenery throughout the novel. I enjoyed the storyline between Mont and Pet. I also loved the part where Mont exhausts himself in searching for his loved one, Petula.…

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Reviewer says: "Like a crowbar to the friggin' head" about the novel, Death And Disappearances

I came across this review as I did a search. This was on library thing:

OMG! Talk about a story with twists and turns. It starts out with this guy, Montgomery Clark (luv that name) and his young wife, Petula Beaujolais – a French Barnard girl. Then she’s suddenly gone and we’re with his snobby friend Bea, who I thought was a drag queen – to tell you the truth -but she’s had five husbands, and then we’re with Peter, his roommate from college –…


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Absolutely Over The Moon Today With Another 5 Star Review -Readers "prays" there will be a sequel

What a wonderful present for today and a delight that any writer would love. Here the reviewer not only loves the book - but is "praying" for a sequel. I hope all of my writer friends out there get to experience this kind of a review. We slave and write and work so hard on our books, that to see that readers understands what we've written and asks for a sequel - it  makes it all worthwhile.

I'm so pleased with this Amazon review!

Here it…


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Death & Disappearances Just received it's second 5 STAR Review!!! WOOT! WOOT!

To those of you out there who have penned a novel, you know what it is to try to make the characters believable and give the mystery a twist, a puzzle and flair to keep your readers interested. I tried to do this with Death & Disappearances. There's a good deal in the book that I don't come outright and explain - partially because I want the reader to come up with their own interpretation and partly because I don't know. When I write, it's like I'm in the room with the characters and…


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Status Update - Where I stand on the book promotion front

Okay folks, here it is, the 27th day of October and how have I done so far with all the many things I have been doing with book marketing.

Piece of Cake PR - They drafted the press release and sent it out. Who did they send it out to? I have no idea. They never did tell me. They say in their ad that they send it to all these media outlets - but I don't feel the results were any good. So basically you pay for the writer to write a nice press release - and I also found the short…


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Going out on a limb to market my book, Death & Disappearances (published in 2012)

I don't know what struck me. Maybe it was the royalty check I just received from Amazon for my book sales - mostly on the first book I published, "Seven Murders In Sussex." I don't know what caused it but suddenly I had this overwhelming urge to publicize my last published novel, "Death & Disappearances."

I started out with Piece of Cake PR. The team there wrote a press release for me and then their service distributes it to thousands of media outlets. I've had some lovely…


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Vampire in Denial by Dale Mayer

Tessa’s doesn’t really fit in the world that her family evolves in.  They are all vampires, but her human gene makes her stand out from the family not really fitting in with them, and all the vampy things like blood.  Not only her family notices the difference so does the vampire…


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NetGalley goes to the Folio Prize!

NetGalley goes to the Folio Prize! It sometimes felt like the whole of literary London was gathered in one opulent ballroom last night, as the second Folio Prize Awards ceremony was held at the St Pancras Hotel. Already this is a prize that feels like it has become an integral part of the fiction-world’s year […]

Librarian Spotlight

    Welcome Mandy Peterson, Media Specialist at Schuyler Community Schools in Schuyler, Nebraska, as our guest. Mandy is a long-time NetGalley member, a plugged-in librarian and has been generous enough to answer our questions about the role of technology in her library. Keep reading to discover how Mandy became a librarian, what a 1:1 school is, and […]

Cover Love – March Edition

March Edition The snow is finally melting, and so are our hearts… for these beautiful covers! Here are some covers we adore this month, including YOUR top-loved cover this month – DEEP by Kylie Scott! Click through to read the full description, request the title, and “Like” the cover if you haven’t already. If you’ve already read […]

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