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Publishing’s New Labyrinth


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The Writing of “Inconsistent” by Alex Akre


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Interview with Nicole Weaver, Author of ‘Not All Americans Are Racist’

It’s my pleasure to have here today my Blogcritics colleague and talented award-winning author Nicole Weaver. Though primarily an author of children’s books, she’s just released a new nonfiction book titled, Not All Americans Are Racist. 

In Not All Americans Are Racist, Weaver recounts her experiences with racial discrimination and the…


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Coffeetown Press Releases Author Jack Remick’s Novel, “The Book of Changes”

‘The Book of Changes” is a literary fiction novel that gives an impression of a time and place we all think we know a lot about, but really don’t. Away from the headlines and the sensationalism of The Free Speech Movement, this novel tells a story about love and poetry, about drugs and crisis.


Author Jack Remick is proud to announce the recent release of his novel The Book of Changes.  The Book of Changes is a literary…


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Link Building and Social Media Marketing

Link Building Methods for 2013

So in the dark we hide the heart that bleeds, and wait and tend our harrowing deeds.

Google's Hummingbird, Panda, Penguin made SEO more crucial for link building.  Receiving "natural" or "editorial" links relevant to your site's content relies heavily on your SEO marketing and content promotion efforts. Building a site as an…


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  I am not very computer savvy in a world of sophisticated high technology machines. I use them only because I must to survive. But I wanted to become a social networker and meet some people with common interests. Although I had a huge fear of tripping all over myself on the web, I timidly decided to take the plunge. And I tiptoed into the water, using my IPad. My publisher had set up accounts for me on Facebook, Goodreads, Twitter and one or two others as part of my publishing package. Now… Continue

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Google + Hangout: Writers Of Today (discussion group)

What you see is what you get, this is me in this first Google+ hangout, much from the technical side of the video, I didn't depend on vocal enhancements or editing, I went for it on a natural level and perspective. You don't always need to make yourself look pretty, though presentable to the viewing audience.  What you bring to the table in writing should be focused on the viewers and audience, the entertainment value. Your self confidence will…


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New to the Scene

Just attempting to figure all this out...everything is kinda new for me in regards to the social media networking.

I've had a website and a blog, three blogs actually, for quite some time. But I'm moving up in the land of marketing and gaining friends as well as good luck to me...good luck to us all...thx for the support!

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How to Start an Internet Writing Business with No product, NO experience and NO Money

Welcome back and I hope you all enjoyed your holiday weekend. As promised, today I will be telling you the things you’ll need to have to become a success in affiliate marketing.


And what are they?


They are: Confidence, self assuredness, determination and positivity.


One of the most successful affiliate marketing…


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Vashti's Blog



Lets connect! I follow back.…


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Whispering to be Heard

Everyone wants to be heard.  We all want our points understood; our ideas to matter and our feelings considered.  And when we are not heard, we can feel frustrated and insignificant.  If we feel ignored enough times we begin to question the importance of our own points and ideas, which can eventually damage our feelings of self-worth.   

We live in loud society.  The various outlets of social media remind us that there is always someone with something to say.  And all the…


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Lily's Daughter- Susan Gerstein

     Lily’s Daughter is a well written, deeply engaging memoir of, as she was known then, Zsuzsa Osvath’s childhood in Hungary. The period is 1940 to 1957, a period overshadowed by two European disasters, and one failed revolution. The first disaster was WWII and the second Stalin. The…


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Minding Our Social Media Manners

Minding Our Social Media Manners

Good manners are made up of petty sacrifices.  ~Ralph Waldo Emerson

Most of us have been taught the social graces necessary to behave properly in polite society; however, a good number has either chosen to forget or refuses to comply.  Good manners shouldn't be a cultural convention relegated to eighteenth-century romantic novels; people should always conduct themselves with propriety when interacting with others.

After all, saying…


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GIVEAWAY and Interview

Come to my blog to check out my review of Congo Dawn, by Jeanette Windle. Ms. Windle's interview is here:

The review and giveaway…


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Heart's Promise Spotlight

This book is a work of fiction set in the small, rural town of Waroona in the 1970’s.  The story follows the experiences of the main character, Emilia (Milly) Garcia, and her best friend, Patricia (Patty) Brennan.  Milly is trying to come to terms with her Italian heritage, the unfamiliar…

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In a World Gone Mad! - Great Reader Reviews for Devin Briar

It's not like I'm fearing for the world's literacy and taste,…


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Book publicity

Many authors focus on social media to the exclusion of traditional media when promoting their books. I've incorporated both in my overall book promotion and marketing. With seven novels published and an eighth coming out in January, I've accumulated some knowledge about working with the media that's worked for me. I've been interviewed by several daily newspapers across the country as well as appeared on radio and television. 

I took a brief break from my blog to guest blog on Build…


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There are nuggets from Seth Godin's mind which are apropos to the shift in marketing we see today. He says, "If long stories are so great, how come we spend all our lives working for the short ones?"


As authors, you are in the business of penning the stories we read, enjoy, and from which we learn and see our world differently. Marketing your book is the same, but it's a different story -- a story you must commit to the long haul for it…


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