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Maximilian Standforth and the Case of the Dangerous Dare - a Review

Book Review:

Maximilian Standforth and the Case of the Dangerous Dare, by Scott D. Southard

* Please note: I purchased this book. The author did not solicit this review.*

My overall Amazon Star Rating – 4 stars for this mystery/thriller.

As always, I will not rehash the plot of this book and summarize the story. I’ll leave that up to the book’s cover and other venues.

First off, this is an absolutely…


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Splash Pad: The Safest Place To Freeze



            I had a chance to watch my grandkids playing in Albion’s splash pad the other day, and it took me back to my childhood: Jumping in the water, splashing around, screaming …


            A splash pad is a really cool place for kids, because you get the splash part, but not the worries of going into water too deep. Plus, it’s clean water. There’s no such thing as a play area where you absolutely…


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Men are the Thing to Fear, By: Robert Morrison - Book Review

Reviewed by:  Lisa Brown-Gilbert, Pacific Book Review

An evocative work of contemporary fiction Men are the Thing to Fear by author Robert Morrison is an absorbing read that draws readers into the captivatingly debauched world of central character Danny Kaneen, an anti – hero who evolves into a surprising hero.

For author…


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At Least The Cubs Never Lost To Belgium



            I was going to make fun of soccer last week, until I realized I’d never actually watched a soccer game. It wasn’t fair, poking fun of something I had no knowledge of, although maybe I’m the only one who feels that way. So I sat down to watch an entire World Cup game (Mexico vs. Greece). It’s good to experience new things, educate yourself, exposure yourself to other cultures.

            Now I’m ready to make fun…


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To All the Boys I've Loved Before

Book: To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before by Jenny Han. Simon and Schuster, 2014.

“My letters are for when I don’t want to be in love anymore. They’re for good-bye. Because after I write my letter, I’m no longer consumed by my all-consuming love.”

Lara Jean Covey is really good at loving boys from afar, but when she can no longer stand the can’t-eat-can’t-sleep roller-coaster of being in love, she has a cure. With one letter, Lara Jean can let go of every feeling she has…


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Ask the Author Feature now on Goodreads

Have a new blog post up Goodreads. I've added the "Ask an Author" feature and am now taking questions about the writing process, Hollywood, and maybe even a few for Rail Black.

I'd also keep a closer eye on Goodreads as well in the coming days...…


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Peter Huddleston and the Knights of the Leaf, by; Miguel Lopez de Leon - Book Review

Reviewed by: Lisa Brown-Gilbert, Pacific Book Review

As the final installment in the Galadria trilogy, Peter Huddleston and the Knights of the Leaf is an exhilarating read that finishes the adventures of thirteen-year-old Peter Huddleston as the crowned prince of Galadria. Engaging in a way that  immediately…


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How The First World War Led To American Independence




            Ever since Christopher Columbus first landed in the New World and hid all the Viking artifacts, America has been a land of opportunity, independence, and smallpox.


            Eventually the British colonists decided to go off and form their own country. (Except for Canadians, who were just too polite to leave.) Since our schools don’t teach enough history these days (there’s so much more of it…


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His Brother's Keeper is only the Beginning...

I'm hard at work now on book two in The Melody of the Gears, titled The Mark of Cain. It's slated for release on October 13th!

That being said, I am also working on two new series. One is a supernatural romance told in an unconventional way showcasing non-traditional relationships and pansexuality. It's the story of a college student named Ophelia, who meets two incredible immortal men from two races at war: The undead vampires, and the eternally living Alchemists. I haven't…


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Hazel Blackthorn and The Melody of the Gears

Let's kick this off properly by talking about what everybody's interested in: The books!

Here we have the first book in the Melody of the Gears saga, an epic story telling the long and sordid history of the world of Giliath. His Brother's Keeper is the culmination of ten years of…


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Graduating From The Doghouse



            My wife has a lot of good qualities. Of  course, if she had bad qualities I wouldn’t write about them here, would I? That’s called “preserving the evidence”. I didn’t read all those mysteries for nothin’, bub.

            I, on the other hand … well, my qualities are only so-so.

            Which leaves me here, in the doghouse, which I guarantee the dog doesn’t appreciate at all. You see, in May Emily became a…


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Movie Review: A Million Ways To Gross In The West

            Hollywood takes great pride and joy in “pushing the envelope”. So much so that you’re not likely to get as much critical acclaim if your TV show or movie doesn’t try something over the top: Just a little more nudity, cursing, violence, or general grossness than has been generally allowed in the past.

            Two of my favorite shows are “The Walking Dead” and “Fargo”, both of which would have been R rated and never allowed near TV when I was a kid. However, let me…


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Not a Sterling Personality




            So there’s this rich guy named Donald Sterling, who told his half-black girlfriend that he doesn’t like black people. And even though he said it behind the doors of his own home, somebody recorded it and now everybody knows, and they won’t let him be anywhere near his own business anymore.


            That’s pretty much it. Now the media has mostly moved on, while Sterling is losing that…


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Cloud Runner gets Jinxed!

I first introduced Cloud Runner in September of last year, but the actual work was created almost two years ago. Over time, many people have expressed enjoying the…

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Plumbing, Part 2: It Gets Worse



            Last week, I described how preparing to fix my home’s only toilet turned into a half day ordeal. The rest of the day went pretty much the way you’d expect:


            After staring at the instructions for half an hour and muttering to myself, I figured out how to get the new piece of toilet innards in. (At about that point my wife popped her head in, and I went on a ten minute diatribe that…


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Home Maintenance Goes Down The Toilet



            In honor of my son-in-law coming over to replace the toilet in my house—as far as I know, the old one was original equipment—here’s the story from a few months back, about what happened that led to its retirement.


            The best possible advice about home improvement comes in two simple words:

            Call. A. Professional.

            Okay, that’s three words. I screwed it…


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A Novel Solution To Saving Camp



            There I was, happily whacking away at the keyboard, working on a story that poked a little fun at the space opera genre, when they tried to shut down my wife’s Girl Scout camp.


            Well, we couldn’t let that happen. So I came back down to earth, rolled up my sleeves, and began whacking away at the keyboard.


            What? I have only so many skills.




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Behind the Forgotten Front ~ cover art & design

I love a challenge!…

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Don’t Text And Read This



            At work the other day, while taking a 911 call, calling a police unit on the radio, checking an address on a map, and following an approaching storm system on a TV screen, I remembered an article I read recently:

            That multitaskers pay a mental price.

            Which explains a lot.

            So when I got off work I did some web searching about multitasking, which is easy to do on my new…


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