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Book Of The Day!

Throw Back Tuesday!

Yu Yu Hakusho


Yu Yu Hakusho Published: August 18th 2003 by VIZ Media LLC

(first published 1990)

Paperback: 208 pages

Original title: Yu Yu Hakusho

ISBN 1569319049 (ISBN13:… Continue

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I'm New Here — Looking for Advice on How to Improve : 12 Must See Paris Locations from Gigi

I'm a virgin here, not at all sure how and what to do! My Chapter1-Take1 blog is for fellow followers of books making their way to the movie screen. I do my versions of reviews and I love discovering the casting info, finding production photos, trailers, info on costume design and films scores, interviews for upcoming screen adaptations of books we love. Child 44, Me Before You, Where'd You Go, Bernadette, and more. I also look at classics from the past. Today I've got a post for fans of the…


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Proof is in the pages

We’ve sent for a proof copy of “Slightly Off the Mark”, which should arrive around the end of the month. Another run-through to come, and hopefully no major problems in formatting—then one step closer to a print run. Next will be to decide how many to order.



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We’ve Got You Covered

Here’s the proposed cover Emily did for Slightly Off the Mark, which we hope to have out in print and e-book in April. Let me know what you think!



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Book Of The Day!

Numbers Game (Numbers Game 1)

By Rebecca Rode…


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A Good Day Having Written

(You might be hearing something new from my column soon, thanks to Kendallville Mall. Stay tuned!)


It was mid-August, 2014 when I first learned about a great opportunity to sign with a big, nation-wide…


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The Spirit of Iris – The Story behind the Story

The following is a guest post by Rocky Rochford, author of  The Spirit of Iris. If you would like to write a guest post on my blog, please send me an e-mail at

The Spirit of Iris was always going to be a book I wrote.…


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But ... they want a campfire

Teenage girls decide to change the weather ... what could go wrong?


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The Dance of the Spirits by Catherine Aerie

Jasmine Young is raised by a wealthy family in an estate in Shanghai called the Garden of Melody where servants take care of the household. One of them, a boy named Tin-Bo, is an orphan, and Jasmine’s family welcomes him and gives him an education. When Jasmine’s mother dies and her father…


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Working on my 2nd novel

After I published my first novel, I decided to work on my second novel that entirely takes place in Boston during the terrorist bombings that took place on the marathon of April 19, 2013. When I saw the horrible images on the news, I felt the goose bumps, just like the 9/11 attack in 01.


Here in this blog, you can read the prologue I wrote. 

Title: Hotel of Death: the black widow, written by Cynthia Fridsma…


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Order of the Dimensions by Irene Helenowski

Jane is a university student involved in the development of the Multiverser, a machine capable of sending objects or people to parallel universes. When she demonstrates the device to Dr. Anton Zelov, little does she know that the dark Russian plans to use it to achieve world domination, and Jane…


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Devil in the Deadline Author Visit and Giveaway

I’m so excited my visiting author this month is LynDee Walker with her new book Devil in the Deadline.  She creates a mystery from the perspective of an investigative reporter which really gets her into some great character revelations.   LynDee took some time to answer some questions and even shared a recipe.  My kind of writer!!…


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Title: The Little Parrot and the Angel’s Tears, By: M. Anu Narasimhan - Book Review

Reviewed by: Beth Adams, Pacific Book Review

Beautifully bound and illustrated, this short children’s story found its origin in the verbal storytelling of past generations, finally making it to print in this delightful bedtime storybook. Written and illustrated by M. Anu Narasimhan, The Little Parrot and the Angel’s Tears has a poetic beat and…


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Lessons from my Self-Publishing Journey

The following is a guest post by Eric Swanson, author of  The First Candle. If you would like to write a guest post on my blog, please send me an e-mail at

In the beginning, there was an experienced science writer who dreamed to write a…


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How I Ruined Winter … For Almost Everyone




I love January! Said no one, ever.


Okay, some people actually do love winter, which just goes to show you: Northern Indiana needs better mental health screening. I used to take part in winter activities, but I was young then, and young people just haven’t learned that being miserable isn’t an adventure.


When I was a kid, I loved sledding, snowball fights, and…


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Here's hoping 2015 is better

I’m not going to lie to you: 2014 sucked.  Everybody got sick or hurt at least once, and the world’s a train wreck. On a personal level I lost my first writing job after twenty-three years of steady work, and the book sales that might have made up for it have stagnated. On a family level I can’t even say “at least we have our health”.

But I can’t dwell on the bad stuff—there lies madness, and don’t we have enough madness? I have a new part time writing job and people are, if…


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I’m Dreaming Of An Evergreen Christmas

Check me out at the Kendallville Mall:




When we put up the Christmas tree last year, our dog became very puzzled.

“Dude, there are all kinds…


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Merry Christmas!

I would like to take the time to Share the Gift of Christmas with you. This is a season of love and kindness, a time to show others that we care about them more than they realize. Why do we want to do better at Christmas time? I believe it stems from the Birth of the Savior. "He is the Gift" given to us from a loving Heavenly Father.

Russell M. Nelson said, "Christmas is a time of reflection on what we can become because of God’s sacred gift. As we discover the gift, we learn of the…


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Secrets of the Moon Saga Work in Progress

As of right now I’m busy trying to finish the Secrets of the Moon saga. I just turned in book two and three. Although, they’re more of a 1.5 kind of books considering that not only are they entirely from Kyran’s POV but it depicts what’s going on while my main character, Marjorie, is still at the hospital after being attacked by a werewolf.

Now, if you’re not familiar with the first book below is a little more information on it:

Title: Secrets of the…


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The UK’s Top Ten Books . . . coming in May 2015

The UK’s Top Ten Books . . . coming in May 2015 With many of the fiction big-hitters releasing titles in March and April, May is often one of the most interesting months in the literary year – and this May is no exception. Perhaps the most exciting debut novel of the year – certainly […]

NetGalley goes to the Folio Prize!

NetGalley goes to the Folio Prize! It sometimes felt like the whole of literary London was gathered in one opulent ballroom last night, as the second Folio Prize Awards ceremony was held at the St Pancras Hotel. Already this is a prize that feels like it has become an integral part of the fiction-world’s year […]

Librarian Spotlight

    Welcome Mandy Peterson, Media Specialist at Schuyler Community Schools in Schuyler, Nebraska, as our guest. Mandy is a long-time NetGalley member, a plugged-in librarian and has been generous enough to answer our questions about the role of technology in her library. Keep reading to discover how Mandy became a librarian, what a 1:1 school is, and […]

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