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New Book Release!

My second Jake the Snake book "A Stinky Surprise for Jake the Snake" was released earlier this week. Just like my first release "Jake the Snake and the Stupid Time-Out Chair" this second release is a funny early chapter book perfect for children in 1st-3rd grade. With short chapters and hilarious antics from Jake the Snake, your early reader will laugh all the way through this new book (I hope!) :-)

Product Description

Jake the Snake is having the “worstest” year of his whole… Continue

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Marketing and Networking

Every freelance writer should add this to his resume...freelance marketer

On Saturday, I was invited to attend a Writer's Group mini book fair in which there were several authors besides myself present to introduce their book to a group of interested readers. During the book fair, the guests were served refreshments and were given a Q&A discussion period with the authors about the publishing business, about their books, and about the ins and outs of writing and submitting.… Continue

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My New Book Soon To Be Released

Currently I am busy working on a deadline for my complete manuscript "A Stinky Surprise for Jake the Snake." I have signed another contract with Publish America for this second release and my current deadline is August 13 :) This week, I'm busy busy busy with revisions, punctuation checks, proofreading, and meeting with my illustrator and creative inspiration Collen Konieczny :)

Colleen Konieczny, a very talented illustrator from southwestern PA, will be illustrating this second… Continue

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Children's Author Donna Thomas

On Saturday July 25th, I had the great pleasure of doing a book signing along with children's author Donna Thomas. Donna wrote the book "Kevin's Sleepytime Adventure." It is published by Mirror and is a great bedtime story for parents to read to their children!

If you haven't checked out this book, please do so. It is a really cute story and the illustrations are brilliantly done. Speaking as an experienced mom of 4 book-loving kids, "Kevin's Sleepytime Adventure" is a story that… Continue

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On The Road Again...

Summer weather here in the Laurel Highlands of PA has been one gigantic piece of dog doo doo. I'd much rather describe it as mid October weather. Usually by this time of year, I have a nice golden tan from sunbathing by the pool everyday while my kids splash me with water and my electric bill is through the roof from having the A/C pumped up to maximum cooling level. This year, however, I think I can only count the number of times I've been to the pool on one hand; my skin is pale--not pastey… Continue

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Jake the Snake on a little Borders tour...

Sorry, I have to do it! It's a Brag Blog! :)

I think I'm on an unofficial Borders tour with my Jake the Snake book. It all began about two weeks ago with the Borders Express at my (as Jake the Snake would say) "favoritest" mall in Greensburg, PA. 9 books were sold. One lady even came back at the end of the book signing to buy a second copy for a gift because she took it home, read it, and thought it was so fun she had to get another copy!!! That's always very reassuring! This week,… Continue

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First Book--a charitable organization to promote literacy for underprivileged children...For Each Book That I Sale On My Website During The Month Of June, I Will Donate $1 TO FIRST the blo

I have recently opened up a sponsor page for First Book. First Book is a charitable organization to help promote literacy for underprivileged children. Just a simple $2 will buy a book for an underprivileged child. And $10 will buy a stack of 5 books for these children.

I first learned about First Book through a concert I attended in which they were collecting books for this organization. I researched the foundation more and found their story....

"First Book provides new… Continue

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A Poetic Look Into the Life of A Teacher

It's A Teacher's Helena Harper is a delightful and humorous book of poetry about the hardships, trials, and drama of a teacher's career.

As parents, we have all heard our whiny adolescent pop through the door straight from the bus complaining about the horrible assignment his or her teacher just assigned, "Due Friday! My teacher stinks!"

What a breath of fresh air to read this book and appreciate the situation from a teacher's perspective! In the 5th poem,… Continue

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A Favorite Town

I'm so excited to be doing a book signing in the quaint little town of Ligonier, PA. Second Chapter Books is a tiny independent book store situated in a little nook of a store straight out of a fairytale, along Main Street, just above the gazebo in the picturesque town square. Second Chapter Books offers a lovely children's section with books and gifts and niceties of all kinds. Second Chapter Books also offers gifts such as Yankee candles and many other trinkets for young and old alike. The… Continue

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Love the One You're With...

Love the One You're With by Emily Giffin is one of my favorite novels.

In this book, Ellen Graham, a professional photographer, NY socialite, girl-with-the-perfect life is torn between two men..Leo, her first love and soulmate; and Andy her devoted, loving, successful lawyer husband. When Andy decides that he wants to move to Atlanta to practice law with his father and buy the home of their dreams near his rich Southern family, Ellen realizes that… Continue

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A review of "Kevin's Sleepytime Adventure" by Donna L. Thomas

Today as part of my "Mother's Weekend" celebration, I took my four great kids to lunch at the mall. While there, I had the pleasure to meet and visit with Donna L. Thomas, a local author who was signing books at Borders Express. Donna L. Thomas's picture book Kevin's Sleepytime Adventure was just released in February and this is her second book signing at Borders because Kevin is such a big hit amongst book fans! The book was also a big hit with my own children! And with me, the biggest… Continue

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L. Michael Hellums: "The Adventures of Butterbean and the King"

Recently I had the opportunity to read The Adventures of Butterbean and the King written by L. Michael Hellums, a creative Texan.

The Adventures of Butterbean and the King by L. Michael Hellums is a fun adventure about two best friends and geeky ants, Butterbean (Rufus Jingles) and the King (King Tissell).

These adolescent ants are outcasts at the ant academy because Butterbean is obnoxious and gluttonous and poor King is considered weird because he wears a crown… Continue

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Becoming A Little Bit Famous One Step at a Time?

On May 2nd, Young Heart Books hosted my first book signing ( I am certain Young Heart is not only going to my most memorable book signing (since it was my first) but most likely my favorite book signing. The book store is located in the center of the town of Somerset, PA...a quaint little historical town directly off the Pennsylvania Turnpike...a hop, skip and a jump away from Somerset's breathtaking landmark --the Courthouse. As a child, I remember thinking that the… Continue

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If All The World Were The Color PINK!

Most often my stories are inspired from true stories about my own four children. My almost 5-year-old daughter is infatuated, enthralled and outright in love with the color PINK! Not only are her bedroom walls a startling shade of flamingo pink but her soft fluffy blankie, her fuzzy shag throw rug and her favorite stuffed animals all entail some hue of pink. She often succumbs to throwing herself on the ground and participating in a tantrumy fit if her daily clothing selection isn't the color… Continue

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Kid at Heart

Some people change as they age. I don't mean "change" by developing wrinkles or growing gray hairs. I mean "change" by becoming too busy for down to earth fun. Too busy to enjoy the simple things. And too busy to still act like a kid. I don't think I ever have "changed". And I hope I never will! I still like to suck all the sugar off gummy worms and let them slide in and out of my mouth like a fresh slimy earthworm. I love the chewy texture of a good old Swedish fish (as I dig it out of my back… Continue

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