On October 31st, I weighed in for the first time in three weeks. Normally I weigh in once a month. But I signed up for a Facebook weight loss challenge and decided to weigh in on the dates of the challenge. When I weighed in on October 31st, I was exactly the same as three weeks before! That told me I was maintaining my weight and not losing any more weight. Because I’m still considered obese, maintaining my weight scared me. How can I be obese and following a healthy diet and not lose weight?

There is the possibility that I was at a plateau and eventually my weight would drop. However, I wasn’t exercising and hadn’t done a workout since August 8th. I knew if I worked out I would be able to lose weight. Because I was motivated by the new Facebook challenge, which has mini-weekly-challenges, I decided I would begin exercising again.

The first mini-challenge looked easy enough, so I said to myself, “I’m just going to do it.” I started with the two 4-minute workouts a day as proposed in the mini-challenge, which quickly escalated to 7 minutes, 10 minutes, and now I’m up to one 25-minute workout a day. The workouts consist of a combination of HIIT – high intensity interval training (because my heart-rate gets up) – and circuit training (because I’m doing a bunch of short strength-training exercises).

Some of the exercises are: high knees, butt kicks, jumping jacks, lunges, squats, wall-sits, pushups, bridge ups, bicep curls, tricep extensions, shoulder presses, bent-over rows, crunches, situps, leg raises, stretches, back exercises, and I’m sure there are others. I’ve been alternating these exercises to keep my workouts interesting and to keep my body guessing.

I’ve seen the most improvement in my pushups. When I first did two sets of 10, my arms were so sore the next day. Now I do two sets of 20 and I feel fine. Pretty soon I’ll be doing full pushups. My body is adapting and is liking the exercise. I don’t feel so out-of-shape and my back pain is getting better.

My mind likes the exercise too, because I get all excited and happy after I complete my workout for the day and can tell everyone about it. I also feel better about myself from working out. Not more self-esteem, because I’ve got plenty of that; rather, I feel proud of myself each time I complete a workout.

I’ll be weighing in again on Wednesday and I’m curious what the result from the last two weeks will be. Even if I stay the same weight, I’m going to keep working out, and I’ll continue to increase the length/intensity of my workouts. I’m sure I’m adding muscle mass, which is a very good thing.

Plus, I’m waiting to get the results of my blood work, and I envision that medication and/or supplements will help my metabolism too. And I’ve been buying organic food, and that is bound to help, because pesticides negatively affect hormones in the body, which affects the metabolism. I’m also converting to natural products at home, and that will continue to be beneficial, because the chemicals also affect hormones and the metabolism. And I’ve been trying to work less to decrease my stress, and I follow a regular sleep schedule. I’m sure all of these changes will influence my weight loss.

Lastly, I just want to share my strategy for maintaining a regular exercise program. If you’re like me and you can easily get off track if you aren’t consistent with your workouts, then this will help you. When I stop working out regularly (when I miss more than one day), it is very hard for me to get back to working out, and evidently, I can end up staying away from exercising for months until something significant motivates me to return. Since I got that motivation two weeks ago from the Facebook challenge, and I realized my limitations with maintaining a workout regimen, I’m going to do what I have to do to stick with my exercise program. I’m going to workout six days a week. Even if I don’t feel at all motivated to workout, I will do at least one 10-minute workout, because it will keep me on my workout schedule and will provide all the good-feeling aspects of working out, so that I will want to workout the next day.

This same principle applies to my eating. It’s easier for me to be consistent with my eating program than to cheat and try to get back to eating healthy. I’ve tried letting myself cheat before – all I had was a bowl of cereal – but it weakened my resolve and I gained back all of the 70 lbs I had lost. My willpower is weak when it comes to carbs, so by staying away from them forever I can be successful at keeping the weight off forever.

Consistence is the key. Even though consistence takes a little bit of effort each day, it is well worth the results. I wish you all luck with remaining consistent with your healthy eating and exercising!

(Originally posted on Christine's Health Blog.)

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