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Pacific Book Review

The Best Kept Secrets of Personal Magnetism

By Wisdom J.O.Y. Makano

355 pages, Interview Questions

Welcome to PBR Today. Thank you for being here to discuss your book.

1). PBR: Wisdom is a wonderful name and it seems to represent the content of your book magnificently. Is there a story behind the great name you have?

Answer: I love to practice what I preach. Wisdom is simply an affirmation of what I ever hope to have and be some day in my life. So by hearing people call me Wisdom and repeating wisdom, wisdom, wisdom in my own mind, I hope to have wisdom and be a wise man some day in my life.

2). PBR: How old were you, Wisdom, when you started your quest for ancient knowledge and secrets for living a magnetic life?

Answer: I cannot really accurately tell how old I was; but I know for sure I started asking questions early on in my life when I felt that what we were being taught in Sunday schools, as children, just was not enough to satisfy my spiritual thirst. If I have to guess my age at the time when I started thinking about mysteries of life; I would say, I was probably 9 years old.

3). PBR: What do you think the motivation was for you at such a young age? Do you think you were born with a predisposition for this type of knowledge or quest?

Answer: Like all concerned human beings, I wanted to more know about what happens when someone dies. The notion of hell and heaven as explained to a common person really just did not click in my mind or satisfy me in my heart. The need to understand the mysteries of the afterlife led me from one ancient mythology to another ancient to somehow explain how ancients came with explanations of the power of light and darkness; good and evil, and ultimately of hell and heaven. Along the way came mythologies of incarnation, God, religion, power … and so on. Therefore, deep desire of a better understanding of these mind-boggling concepts triggered the path of life I am on right now. Because I felt I do not know enough to be fully satisfied, and probably never will, I have signed on to a lifetime studying of ancient mythologies that explain or try to explain religions, God, etc… than any modern teacher can possible do.

4). PBR: Can this personal magnetism really open social doors? What about family, does it work with them? Can you give us an example from your own life?

Answer: You know; humans are social animals; as such they are the most unpredictable beings on Earth. You just never know how they will act and react to a new experience regardless of your skillfulness in dealing with them. Yet, sincere effort and determination answer all questions and usually prove wrong or right. As of my own family experiences, I have learned that every time I try to boss my loved ones, I get in trouble; it backfires and sometimes makes a situation even worse than it needed to be; but when I treat them with respect as I would like them to treat me, it works most of the time. While “the Golden Rule” is one of the best “magic pills” of personal magnetism, it guarantees nothing for the same reason that human beings are awfully unpredictable. The key, however, is determination to keep on keeping on while adjusting and adapting to new circumstances.

5). PBR: Your writings in The Best Kept Secrets of Personal Magnetism seem inspired. Do you feel they are? If so, what makes this true for you?

Answer: Every good and sincere writing is always inspired. I learned this from Robert Collier. If you look at it, there is no human being who can possibly plan every idea or concept and all the details he/she will include in his/her book. That is humanly impossible. What happen is, a writer always has general idea of what he/she intends to write; but the real writer comes when you sit in a quiet area and you avail yourself as a tool of the universe which does the job. I like to believe every good writer is practically an amanuensis. The real author of every good book is that inner voice (Self) when obeyed and left free to dictate what it will to the outer man. And that is what, at the end, makes every good writer surprisingly surprised of own work. Few good writers really believe to have been authors of their own work at the end. Good writing consist of letting the “inner Man or Self” who speaks in that barely audible and soft voice to take over and use your feelings (mind), thoughts (reason) and deeds (hands,) and transform them into a piece of art, not necessarily for the good of the writer but for the blessing and illumination of all mankind.

6). PBR: On your website you are not afraid to ask for criticism of your work as well as positive comments. If you get criticism what do you do with that? Do you contact the person and offer suggestions for how they can understand your concepts better? Or, do you just use the criticism for improvement on future projects?

Answer: All my books are products of individual and imperfect feelings, thoughts and hands that need to be perfected. I believe that perfection is in collective feelings, thoughts and hands. Thus, the more inputs I get from many people the more improvements I will bring to my works. I do not call suggestions from people, criticisms but rather inputs, and I do not contact people who criticize my work, unless they specifically request it and if, of course, I have time to do so. In my experience of writing, the most valuable lesson I have learned is that, good writing is an art of writing and rewriting over and again. If time and health permit, I intend to issue, at least, second edition of each of my books. Therefore, the inputs I get from readers will be my best guide.

7). PBR: Related to question number six, if someone didn’t get the positive messages in your book, what advice would you give them so they could see it?

Answer:To be honest, while I would love it; I do not expect everyone to get positive messages from my books. I think not even Plato or Moses expected everyone to automatically and positively embrace their works. However, I believe sincerely that attentive readers will find more positives than negatives. To those who do not find anything positive at all at first, I would say this: The principles in all my books are meant to be timeless. So if you do not get it the first time, you will certainly get it next time. So give the book a chance and try to reread it again attentively and without preconception.

8). PBR: Tell us a bit about the next three books you are about to publish, Exalted Secrets of Brilliant Minds, The Central Mountain, Emancipated Intelligence. When do you expect each to publish?

Answer: More concise explanations of these three books and introduction of “Emancipated Intelligence” are on my website. To know more, readers will great benefit by paying me a visit in my cyber castle. But briefly here, in the “Exalted Secrets of Brilliant Minds”; I define intelligence in a totally uncommon way and suggest ways and means of how to boost it to work for you as it does for the so-called “chosen few.” “The Central Mountain” is cluster of more 165 poems of substantial length, intended to gently lead or inspire the readers in time and space to self-knowledge and self-realization. Finally, “Emancipated Intelligence” is basically a cynical or maybe satirical, yet stirring definition of intelligence or more precisely a practice, by the shrewd among us, of what many call “legalized theft” or cunning to get to the top of the mountain of greatness through gentle yet intriguing means to which average men succumb almost irresistibly. The book strives to show how clever folks who have a very good understanding of the law of nature and law of man sort out what is legal and what is not to climb the mountain of greatness despite the questionable ethics of the techniques used to reach the outcome. the book advocates that, just because something is not illegal or is legal, it does not mean it is okay to be done; thus ethics must proceed where the law ends or falls short; since the law of man, in particular, cannot possibly cover everything. I do, of course, suggest advice of how to resist succumbing sheepishly to the insidious power of emancipated intelligence. I must admit that it took me long time to decide whether to write this book or not and a lot of courage to start the introduction; because I was so afraid as I realized that it will not gain me many friends. That’s okay. Truth was meant to be popular. Thus, it must be defended with all the faith, hope and charity in inner selves; love, wisdom and power of all our beings; for it (truth) was not meant to bring peace, rather to cause collision between parents and children; siblings and siblings; friends and friends or even civil war and possibly world war.

9). PBR: From this first book, The Best Kept Secrets of Personal Magnetism, if there were only one or two principles that you wanted a reader to really understand, what would those be?

Answer: This is the toughest question of them all. I gave my life and my all to each part of this book. All parts are equally important and very useful depending on circumstances. So I do not really know which principle is more important than others. All I can say is that when you read this book, you will learn how to genuinely be yourself, and once you know how to genuine be yourself, you will know how to selflessly attract yourself, and once you know how to selflessly attract yourself, you will easily attract others for the common good and that is what personal magnetism is all about.

Thank you for being with us today to discuss this wonderful self-improvement book.

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