"Everything Happened In Vietnam: The Year of the Rat" by Robert Peter Thompson

Greetings from this brand new blogger.  In fact, and it may show, I have never blogged before.  This is my first post here so please excuse me if I am being forward. My book, "EVERYTHING HAPPENED IN VIETNAM: THE YEAR OF THE RAT", self published under my own Blue Moon Publishing, is an auto-biographical memoir written from the perspective of my 19-year-old Marine Corps self, in 1969 Vietnam.

This is not your typical run-of-mill War Story. It is a true story and focuses not only on events, but on the inner selves of the guys I lived and fought with. It is a story primarily about the human heart, mind and soul. In fact, it is those guys that made me write their story. The ones who didn't make it back. Yet it is certainly not absent of humor, wit and the kind of poignant pathos that only comes from the experience of being teenagers in a war zone. Perhaps it is shameless to promote one's own work, but I can say without shame, that I am a better writer than I am a promoter <grin>. Perhaps other authors out there can relate to that. My book does contain some very traumatic events but they are there because of necessity in telling the story, not for sensational effect.

The story is about young men, Marines, that found themselves in a world like nothing they ever knew or experienced before and the bonds and love for each other we took home with us. Some of my most passionate readers have been females. This is not just a "guy's book". Yet it has deeply touched fellow veteran readers that have responded to me. But you be the judge. Just sample it and see what you think. Reviews are available on the Amazon print book version. Kindle reviews are sure welcome - I don't pay for them. They should be earned. "It's a full ride".

The forward I wrote for my book:

" But not everything is remembered and not everything is told. Lost with those who did not survive and with those who did not return. Lost in the chaos and confusion and the self protective suppression of the formidable and yet fragile mind. Sometimes that which affects you most is that which you can no longer see and is perhaps better left alone. But what of that which so stubbornly remains and cries out as it does from the darkness of time and says;

"I am here, I am still here, you will look at me, for I will never go away.” "

The author

Please feel free to sample my book at below sites and view my book picture slide show on my website. 

Thanks all and have a great day!  Robert Peter (Bob) Thompson - USMC 1967-1969


My Website:  http://www.everythinghappenedinvietnam.com/

Amazon Kindle Everything Happened In Vietnam: The Year of the Rat

Amazon Print Everything Happened In Vietnam: The Year Of The Rat

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Comment by Robert Peter Thompson on September 11, 2012 at 4:46pm

Hi Michael, thanks for visiting my book blog "Everything Happened In Vietnam:  The Year of the Rat".  Speaking of "Woodstock", when I got back home from Vietnam in 1969 , my brother had 2 tickets for Woodstock and asked me to go along.  I had been to Haight Ashbury (hitch-hiked out to San Fran in 1967) the "Summer of Love".  From there, only 3 months later, after having to drop out of my first freshman quater at the U of M  (I was attacked and broke a bunch of bones in my right fist) I was on my way to Vietnam.  I avoided the draft by joing the Marine Corps.  I don't regret it anymore.  Part of Life's big bag of experiences.  Getting back to Woodstock, I really did want to go but could not get myself back on an airplane having just arrived safe, finally clean and at 'home' from 13 thousand miles away.  Also, in order to afford the air fare, I would have had to wear my uniform to get the serviceman's flight discount.  I didn't have a home to come home to so needed what money I had saved.  Can you imagine arriving in Woodstock in a Marine Corps uniform?  Still, if I wasn't so tired I probably would have done it.  Then again, I was pretty sick of mud and rain by that time ;-) 

Comment by Michael Murphy on September 9, 2012 at 9:45am

Looks like my kind of book since I wrote about 1968 in my novel, Class of '68 and my upcoming novel, Goodbye Emily, is a return to Woodstock novel.

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