I usually struggle with my workouts, but lately I’ve been staying on track by working out everyday, increasing the length and intensity of my workouts, and improving physically. I’ve worked out the last six days in a row for at least 15 minutes a day. And I’m now up to 30 pushups!

Today my workout was especially good. I worked out for 33 minutes (almost 10 minutes longer than what I’ve been averaging) – a huge improvement from my first 7 minute workout on October 31st – and I pushed myself hard, so I worked up a sweat and was out of breath from my exercises. I did high intensity weight lifting; ab, back, and leg exercises; and full-body stretching. Not to mention I got a fabulous back massage afterwards! Thanks, honey!

Since I’ve worked out for six days straight, I’m going to (try to) take tomorrow off, even though I’ve gotten in the habit of exercising everyday and can’t imagine taking a day off. But I think it’s important to take one day off a week as a reward to myself; otherwise, I won’t have a short-term reward to work towards and to give to myself. What do you think?

I reached a milestone today. I went down one pant size! I am now a size 16. I didn’t realize my clothes were getting bigger until today when my jeans were literally falling off! I am so very happy! I never thought I’d be out of my 18s (especially since I haven’t lost weight in the last five weeks). I attribute going down a size to exercising. I must be adding muscle and burning more calories and fat. Maybe the scale will decide to show me a loss in the future. Who knows?

All of my blood work came back normal. At least I know I’m healthy and I don’t have to take extra medication or supplements (well, besides Claritin for allergies I was told I had). I didn’t want to find out something was wrong with me, but I wanted to know if there was something wrong that could be pinpointed and if a medication or supplement would help my “condition.” Turns out I don’t have a condition. But I still know there is an issue with my metabolism that surfaced when I was 19, because I suddenly started gaining a lot of weight (after a homeless situation). And the years of yo-yo dieting and sedentary living have made my metabolism even worse. In fact, I am unable to get to the weight that I was a year and a half ago! I am maintaining or I have reached a plateau. I kind of hope and feel that if I continue my exercise habits I will either get stronger and fitter, lose weight, or both. Both would be wonderful! But I’ll be happy to be stronger and fitter at the weight that I am. That’s great to hope for and all, but I have to keep up what I’m doing. I have to continue to work hard. I refuse to give up now. I’ve come too far and I feel so healthy. I’ve learned enough during the last 12 years of trying to lose weight, that I now know what works for me and what I’ve got to do to reach and maintain my goals. I know this is not the end. This is only the beginning. I intend to continue to find ways to become healthier :)

(Originally posted on Christine's Health Blog.)

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