what would you do - if you were the parent in this situation?


I was born to mother, but I dont really get to spend quality time with her, I have heard of my dad, but he died before I was born.

My mum woke up at 4am in the mornings, and returns home at 8pm.  Her job only pays her $JA 6,000 a month, we live into a little hut, that is usually filled with water when it rains, the room we called home is only about 4x4, but we made our bed in it and sleep at nights.

We paid $JA 3000 for our electricity per month, and $JA 2000 for our water, we don’t get to buy much grocery, clothes and school. My mum has to leave some money for her fare to work.

I usually beg on the streets, while mum is at work, so that way I don’t die of hunger, sometimes my tummy hurts.  I wear the same clothes every day, but sometimes, I am tempted to borrow from my neighbour next door, but I don’t. 

When my mum is home in the evenings, I usually hugged her, as she has done so much for us, and it’s her best.  So despite, we don’t have much we live and love each other. 

I would like to go to school, wear nice uniform like all the other kids like myself.  I would like to become a brain surgeon when I grow up.

I would like to write more, but I cant just now, but I promise to send you more on my life, how we live nearly on the outside, I can count the stars at nights.  How my mum taught me to read and write, how we searched our neighbours bins for food.  How my mum sews with her hands to let me have 3 pairs of underwear. How I really feel about being hungry most times.  If my mum doesn’t pay the bills, we will live in darkness, and we wont be able to take a shower. Sometimes I can hear mum crying, but she would always say, it’s alright baby girl, one day it will be better.

Today, I wrote this to you, and my friend typed it and emailed it for me, I hope you have read all my story and will help me and my mum, to make this day onward a better day.

I would like to ask for something, I hope it’s not too much, just 2 new suits of clothes and some books for me to go to school, so I can be a brain surgeon when I grow up. My mum would ask for money to help with me buying lunch at school, but I am happy with just what I asked for, I can always have my friend’s lunch that they ate and left, if I just get the chance to go to school and learn.    


Ps. Please don’t expose my full name and address or my mother’s phone number, as life is embarrassing as it is, we wouldn’t want to be any more embarrass.  Please write soon, while I wait to hear from you again.


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