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Welcome Stephanie Nicole Norris

Stephanie... thanks for visiting with me for this interview.... I have some questions only YOU can answer....
Stephanie, it was a pleasure reading your wonderful novel "Trouble In Paradise."  The novel was an excellent love story full of romance, drama and suspense...and those twist and turns were really something  girlfriend...and yes a cliff hanger?  Will there be a sequel part II?  to 'Trouble In Paradise?' ..... YES, there will be a part II titled 'Vengeful Intentions' which is in its  final stages before being published.  Check my website: www.
Stephanie... what or who inspired you to write this novel?  The people that live in my head inspired me to write "Trouble In Paradise."  The readers that loved it and show me constant support fuel me to write even more.
How did you come up with the characters?  I had about three characters in mind when I first started writing "Trouble In Paradise"  but as the story came out, more characters were introduced...when I wanted to twist your mind up ...I would throw in a surprise character. 
Who is your favorite authors and why?   I have a lot of favorite authors...Gwynne Forester, Jackie Collins, Carl Weber, Victoria Christopher Murray, Eric Jerome Dickey and Mary Monroe.  These authors books speak for themselves.  I'm sure you've read from some of them.  Talk about, suspenseful, exciting, thrilling, romantic, drama, drama and more drama!  My kind of books!
What one thing would you take away from your written novel and add?  I would have made Danielle crazier, believe it or not she could have been a little crazier.
What is Stephanie most Thankful for in this world we live in?  I am thankful for a God who loves me enough to send his son to this earth to die for my sins so that I may have everlasting life.  I am thankful for my mom... she is the true love of my life.  I am thankful for my fiance, family, friends and readers who love my writing style and support my dreams.
What gender would you love for your novel to attract and why?  I don't care what gender is attracted to the book.  I would love for anyone who loves romance, drama and suspense to give it a try.
How would you address or say to your reviewers that rated you a 2 or 1?  I wouldn't address or say anything to them.  Everyone is entitled to their opinion and we don't live in a perfect world where everyone likes your work so I don't expect them to.
Stephanie... what is on the agenda for you in 2013-2014?  I've started a short story series titled Wreckless that will be featured only in a short story compilation between 16 to 30 authors contributing to the projects.  It is a short story about a young woman name Jasmine who is in love with a man and he is not aware of it. Her mind takes her in to dream land thinking about how wonderful this man must be. So she idolizes him in a way and he could do no wrong. But when she encounters him in real life he is not the man from her fantasies and her aggressive nature forces her into a situation that she may have to make life or death choices to get out of.
I' m also collaborating with Denesha Sheree ..... author of "The Yellow Clutch Society" on a novella 'Wife Swap' that will be coming out in  2013. 
I also have set the foundation to write a Christian Romance novel titled "Catching Bee's with Honey."  This love story is about a young man who makes the mistake of ruining one of his fathers greatest career moves and has to come up with a way to restore his relationship with a God fearing woman who will not easily be swayed with honey.
To learn more about this title and others please visit my website: and make sure to join my mailing list.
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Comment by Arlena Dean on July 25, 2012 at 10:17pm

Ok, I have just done my first interview with a author.  Tell me what you think....


Thank you!

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