My Personal Experiences with Past Life regressions

I had my first past life regression in the fall of 1991 but before that I read extensible about hypnosis and past life regressions. Three or four years before 1991 I had a series of ‘dreams’ which led me to question the possibility of re-incarnation.  I did not accept the idea readily; I struggled to even take the steps to investigate it. I frequented bookstores and did not approach the ‘New Age’ areas where the books on re-incarnation were found, and yet they somehow always seemed to be misplaced near anything I had chosen to look at. It took me close to six months to muster the courage to read, and it was not even courage, it was that I had so much confirmation about the validity of the dreams in my life that I had to look into it.

I read a wide variety of books by various sources, the ones that impacted me the most were the two I chose in to use in The Bridge of Deaths. Many Lives, Many Masters; Brian Weiss & Other Lives, other selves; Roger J. Woolger, (in apology for the errata, I called Roger Woolger Robert in my Bibliography). These two books cover anything and everything that is important and worth knowing about past life regression therapy, but as with any subject I find interesting I did read much more by both of them and many others.

So when I finally ‘went under’ to the depths of my subconscious in search of my past lives. I was very skeptical as the thought occurred to me that I had self-programmed to believe in anything my very creative mind saw! It saw quite a bit. I traveled through numerous lives in the course of two hours and had a variety of experiences including one future life. I felt I did not see anything that I could not have otherwise known through my life experiences, books, television or cinema. It was fun, but at the time not particularly monumental.

One of the many places I encountered in this experience was Mexico, the Aztec Pyramids outside Mexico City, the city of my childhood. As much as I did visit many lives, the hypno-therapist was able to guide me to the end of all of them, except for the future life from which she quickly guided me out.  I thus visited the part in which the Spirit leaves the body and saw what I had learned in each life. In the Aztec life I left confused and embarrassed with great shame at the way I had ruined a sacred ritual by slipping and falling and causing a domino effect, which caused many others to disrespect …something superior a Deity of sorts. When asked what I learned I stated that I did not feel comfortable and did not want to return to that place. I found this particularly ironic as at the age of 11 I took my Girl Scout oath to receive my pin at the top of that very pyramid! Again the feeling of I has been there, I could have easily imagined this whole thing.

Shortly thereafter I began to notice that all Spanish speaker knew with the mere utterance of a couple of words that I was originally from Mexico. I was astounded, my Spanish had been so ‘neutral’ since I left Mexico in 1971, that I was not used to people guessing my origin. It might be important to add here that I am also particularly tall which is an uncommon thing for most people’s perception of Mexicans. I spent several weeks in denial, working retail and encountering many Spanish speakers who smiled and said “Mexicana”, I finally had to face the fact that I had had a physical reaction to my past life regression. That by re-visiting and releasing that long ago pain I could unblock something physically tangible in this life.

That being said, I read even more, and tried to meditate and regress myself many times before I had any other regression. I had my second one about five years later. It really took me that long to processes all the information of an experience lasting only two hours.

I have probably had close to ten private past life regressions and about four or five group ones. I know I wrote somewhere recently a much lower number, but lately I seem to recall a few others! Frankly every single one has impacted me tremendously and I have been regressed by a variety of hypno-therapists. The methods are different but the results are similar. I have been taken into tunnels, down stairs and into beautiful peaceful forests. Once I am well under then the Therapists have always found a way to get me to the past, I cannot recall having opened doors on the first regression, I simply remember bouncing all over the place, very clearly and in later regressions I have without any pre-hypnotic suggestions revisited some of the lives I saw that very first time.

The change in my Spanish accent is not the only physical or tangible reaction that I have experienced during, after or because of a past life regression. I could probably write a short book about each life I have encountered and describe all I saw in great detail, but I believe that is far better done by people trained to take one there.

Re-incarnation is like any philosophy or belief something that requires certain leaps of faith to explore. I am very often surprised by how many people who attend conservative places of worship that do not espouse past lives, who are very open to the idea, even to the point of often using statements that begin with I must have been (fill in the blank), in a past life. What I best like about this is that some very positive statements often accompany it!


M.C.V. Egan

Delray Beach, Florida

August 22, 2011

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Comment by David M Karder on January 4, 2012 at 5:57pm

I recommend write, write and write. Get it on paper and take it from there.

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