Theresa Janie and her co-author Gl Gordon live in Laramie Wyoming. Several years ago they met while working at a lumber company in town. When the company hit hard times and went out of business after over 50 years in the area, they each went their own way. Mr. Gordon retired to a life of leisure and soon figured out that leisure wasn't all it was cracked up to be. He started telling his story that had been just bursting out of him for some time. When he sent his story to Ms. Janie she fell in love with it and set to work on the editing phase. She is a writer herself, however working full time cuts into her writing time. Due to unforseen circumstances, she finds herself unemployeed with plenty of time on her hands. So she takes this opportunity to do some writing herself along with the editing. These two authors have one book completed and one in editing soon to hit the publication stage.

Nana's Witchlings Samhain Edition a workbook for the Samhain Circle and Celebration to be shared between Witches and their little Witchlings. This book has the making of a series so be ready for the Yule Edition to come out soon.

Theresa Janie is the Nana Witch in this book. A little over eight years ago she learned she was soon to become a Grandmother for the first time. Her own Mother is a wonderful Grandmother who prides herself as being a Christian Grandmother. This got Theresa thinking about what a Pagan Grandmother would be like. After much thought she studied and meditated on what Totem to give her first Grandchild. All five of her Grandchildren have birth totems and it is a special thing for both Grandmother and Grandchildren.

However, of course, Grandparenting doesn't end at birth day. Over the years Nana Witch has been open with the children about her path. She and her children discuss Mother Earth and ways to treat Her respectfully. Recently she was looking for information on ways to celebrate the Sabbat with the children. But it seemed there was very little information available. So Nana's Witchlings Samhain Edition was created. Future Sabbats are being created as you read this. Hopefully you and your Witchlings enjoy this booklet as much as the Authors enjoyed creating it.

Ancestral Witch The Beginning an exciting adventure of love and friendship, old ways and new beginnings. This book is soon to be in the publishing phase but the next book in this series is already on the drawing board. We have what we believe to be an exciting adventure of love and friendship, old way’s and new beginning’s. Here is a tidbit...

"Goodnight Tally, I love you." I roll to my side and snuggle up to my lover. As I gently start to fall asleep, I feel Forest lean forward and give me a very soft but warm kiss on my forhead and say, "I'm sorry, I love you more than anything I have. You are the most valuable treasure and the most precious love I could ever want. I could give up everything I have as long as I know you love me." I lay quietly, pretending to be asleep but feeling warm and loved.

Slowly I am awakend by a gentle kiss. "Good morning Forest, how did you sleep?" I snuggle into his arms and put my head on his chest. I hear his heart beating and enjoy our quiet time before getting our day started.
"Oh pretty good, after I came down and put that manuscript up."

"Why did you do that? I didn't even realize you had gotten up during the night."

"Well, like I've been trying to tell everyone, some of the stuff I'm investigating...well let's just say it would be called evil. Some of those manuscripts are over 2000 years old. They date back to before Christ. Some of the stories talk about the beginning of time and how everything was separated. I guess you would call it divided up."

Please visit us at We have so many other things we are working on and we would love to have your feed back. Thank you.

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Comment by Kayle Jensen on October 25, 2012 at 1:50pm

Theresa Janie is my pen name for those of you who are wondering who the heck that is.

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