I am currently using Createspace and I like them. I've done two books with them, but I'm looking to publish a book of a different genre. It's a bit more gritty (crime drama) and more adult. My other two books (2 of 3), are geared more towards age 13 and up don't have any adult content (i.e, violence and naughty words).


They said they'd publish it, but it seems like the other publisher I'm looking at offers a bit more "bang for the buck". Can anyone offer their experience with other publishers? I'm thinking about Infinity Publishing.  If you've used them, can you let me know what your thoughts are?


Also, this is a two part question. I'm thinking of promoting my two books by offering free copies with "gummy bears" at a train station.  Call it crazy, but when someone gives me free stuff, I'll take it. I used to take the train downtown. The author who wrote "Devil in the White City" was giving away those books at the train station in Chicago. I still have the book to this day. Love to know what you guys think about this as a way of self-promotion too!  Thanks!

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Comment by Joy Cieslarski on July 19, 2013 at 1:04pm

With Createspace, you pick the particular service you want up front. Of course, there are bells and whistles you can add in the way of promotional items, tools, trailers, etc.  The first 2 books they did for me were great. By the time they got to #3, they lost my faith. I told their people conceptually what I wanted the cover to look like, only to have them come back with ridiculous conclusions. I had to finally send them something, which actually made it's way to the cover. The internal work was fine. Would I use them again, maybe for the distribution.  You have to pay extra to have your book done as an ebook, though they give you the option of doing that yourself. I did that for my second book. NIGHTMARE! I'm not all that tech savvy, and it took me a long time to get it to work and you can only release as a Kindle version using their ISBN. So, don't try and get it anywhere else on the dime you paid them.


For the 4th book I used Infinity Publishing. While I liked what they did, I had a hard time communicating. Their ebook distribution is a lot better, but I probably would not use them again.



Comment by wordwan on July 19, 2013 at 12:41pm

Ah, just out of curiosity, what's Createspace like? How do you pay or what do pay before you have a dead tree book in your hands? Personally, I'm a little creeped out by Amazon. I have no books to publish yet, I'm newly arrived at ebook industry process (since, say, January and I've been collecting a lot of people's experiences and annoyances) and...NOT good. Hearing a lot of not great stuff about how Amazon operates.

Sure, give me the "but it's better than 'someone else'. That ain't my point here. Companies should treat you morally. Is Createspace doing this? I don't know yet.

Again, clear your head if you're presently feeling frustrated by the people you've dealt with so far. I'm at the point right now that I THINK ebooks could be used as the promotion item that, if the book gets enough reads and feedback, you produced (effectively; please don't spend money you don't have) hardcovers.

I recently read that Baen publishing, who have been on the internet a good while, was GIVING its ebooks away for free. That was their PROCESS. And the owner (I haven't checked the details yet) was amazed when his HARDCOVER sales (for the same free book) went up. I don't know when this was happening though it's obviously been since the early days of Kindle but that kinda amazes me.

My take? If you're creating something extremely different, DON'T go to any 'traditionally' minded individuals. Their LIVELIhoods (and I've been reading a lot about this) DEPEND..

on you doing it their way.

Problem is? THEIR way may be on the way out.

Don't be a new rat to an old sinking ship.

Google Amanda Palmer. She'll make you feel good.

Heather, who first arrived at ebook industry discussions and met a person ready to 'quit' writing because the processes weren't making her any money


P.S. Read Amanda Palmer

P.s.s. Never mind a hardcover book. What age are you interested in? The people, aged 60 about to die? Or the steampunk 25 year olds who will be around for a long while. Don't spend any money you don't have. 

Stick a wattpad link (You know what wattpad.com is, don't you?) as a hm...price tag, on a gummy bear (or some food that's shaped like the concept of your book) and hand those out. Amanda gave out flowers. She busked to make her rent.

Too many people are getting PAID before you do. They pay money out, get frustrated and give up.

And Author Solutions (Google David Gaugham's take on this) continues to thrive.

We need to change the paradigm

Authors get paid: FIRST!

Need help?





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