Read an excerpt of OLaD right now! Charlotte's got herself into a very compromising situation!! Take a look!!

"Do it," she whispered.  

He swiftly pulled away and looked at her, his breathing still heavy and staggered in his chest.  

"You're thirsty."  She grazed her fingertips across his purple lids.  The newfound daringness in her was completely foreign to him.  He had never thought Lottie would be this way---passionate, sensual.  

His hand trailed up her arm until he found her palm, mouth open, tasting the scent she left in the air.  

"Do, it," she challenged again.  She met him with a corrupt simper.  

"I trust you," she whispered, kissing him deeply again.  He breathed her in, but it was too much this time.  He turned his face away.  "I'm not perfect, Lottie.  I couldn't live with myself if I ever---"  But she didn't let him finish.  


Valek looked down at her underneath him, both of his marble arms keeping his upper half perfectly steady on the mattress.  He thought for a moment, thankful she was unable to hear exactly what he was thinking.  He smiled.  "You're going to be very tired later," he warned.

"I don't care."  She bit her lower lip.  It was enough to send a slight tremor down his middle.

He smiled and lifted away from her slowly, something malicious curling the ends of his mouth.  He moved out of the light, letting the shadows play tricks on the cracks in his skin, before disappearing completely.

He heard Charlotte's pulse leap into her throat, though she laughed despite her fear.  She looked behind her.  "Valek?"  Her voice cracked a little.

A soft, inhuman hissing rumbled deep within Valek.  But unlike the minatory hissing that had woken Charlotte in the dungeon of the Regime palace, Valek didn't mean for this sound to be threatening at all.    He knew it allured her, and just as she sat up on the bed, he dashed through the darkness, grabbing her arms, pinning them to her sides.

"Don't move," he whispered, his mouth pressed to her ear once more.  The soft throbbing of her heart quickened in his ears.  He measured it every time he inhaled.  When her pulse quickened, so did his breathing.  It was driving him mad.  He reached around, gently pulling a dark, red ringlet away from her pallid throat.

"Valek?" Her voice came out trembling.

He replied with another inhuman sound.  His hands traveled down her arms to her wrists and forcefully pulled her back to the mattress.  Her heart thumped in her chest as his cool breath heated over her collarbone.

He saw himself, reflected back to him from her mind then; eyes, shrouded underneath his hair, glinted dimly at her.  His entire face in a devastating smile.  

She watched him with wide eyes, finding suddenly she really was afraid.  But she was so numb, a body caught in a rip current, that she failed to move now, even if she wanted to.

He carefully lowered himself again, letting his face hover directly over hers.  A sound, like thunder, quaked low in his chest as he listened to her breathing accelerate.  He moved his mouth down until it was directly underneath her ear and searched her throat until he felt the pulse living under the bed of ivory skin.  His lips parted the same time her eyelids did.

She inhaled, grasping his arms for support.

Then, with one hot breath, he pushed downward.  Warm, thick wine exploded over his gums and slammed against the back of his throat, swimming into the concrete veins.

He heard Charlotte gasp.  Her heart fluttered wildly, like the sound of African war drums pummeling in his ears, so loud it drowned out the sound of her screaming.  The rhythms grew louder and more rapid with each second that passed, his sanity slipping further away.

"Valek!" She pushed with all of her strength.  "Stop! Valek!"

But it was too much.  The rhythm raged on as the focus of the room washed over with deep red.  Light melded together with darkness and his consciousness slipped to the current of some stormy sea, tugging him in different directions.  The warmth of her pooled over his lips and it was as though her pulse had somehow become his.  Hypnotic.

Like what you just read, want more? See what happens next to Charlotte! You won't believe what's in store for her! 


Find "Of Light and Darkness" at Amazon and Barnes and Noble today!!!

All of these incredible stills are from the Official "Of Light and Darkness" music video from Shayne Leighton!! Check it out, it's AMAZING!!

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Comment by Jennifer Scantling on July 6, 2012 at 7:56pm

This is one of my All Time FAVORITE books!!!! I can't wait for Book 2 & for the MOVIE!!! It's going to be GREAT!!!!

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