The best part of writing for teenagers is remembering what it was like to be one. Never thought I would say that, like most of us I wished it away. I couldn't wait to get to the next step on the ladder. When I was fifteen I wanted to be sixteen, then eighteen was the next best thing. That's because I thought being a kid 'sucked': chores had to be done, homework needed to be handed in on time, and crushes well they did what they were called. 

      But now as I look back, young love was powerful, there was no analyzing the 'deeper content of the relationship', we picked through 'he said..' 'then I said' and ' then he probably meant.. what do you think he meant?" Wasn't so bad was it? A conversation like that had such possibilities because when your young and in love anything was possible! 

    So when the idea of adolescent souls meeting in the afterlife from different time periods, different mindsets, different sides and falling in love anyway came to me it was a match made in heaven!

    It was very important to me that there be flaws to most of these characters, to me its the shades of gray that make us think, watch and react in ways that don't normally find ourselves doing. Nicholas Bishop is literally a lost soul in the new world the Plexus, he has made quite a few choices that he cannot see were not in his best interest and that put him on a collision course with betrayal and his ultimate death a century ago. However like most people he cannot see his own part in his fate he sees himself as the victim and grows darker by every year.

   Enter Bonnie from this era who has died of an illness and bears no grudge at her fate. She could not be his more polar opposite but he falls madly in love, you had to see this coming right? Opposites attract and all, and their road to happiness has lots of pitfalls literally!

   It was this angle that hooked me, with a gang of misfit friends on each of their sides, Nicholas and Bonnie though not alive could have been any of us. Lost in our teenage world where we didn't fit in or if we did wondering how long we would be welcome there. I had a lot of fun with the sarcastic teens, I mean my God weren't we all? I surprised I never gave myself a migraine from all the eye rolling! Anyway it left a lot of room for humor and a few laughs, and it led to some wisdom that I wish found its way to me as a teen.

    Soul Mates was a great experience and I hope all that read it get as much joy and self exploration out of it as I did.

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