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The hunger games

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I have read these books (just recently finished Mockingjay) and I LOVE them!! They are very fantastic books, they are written so well and i just got draw into them. I dont know if i got way to into the books, insane, or normal :) but at times I just felt like i was Katniss, like i felt her pain or her sense of loss. For example when Finnick died, i cried i was so upset and then when it was said that she watched Prim die, i cried and when she got ordered back to 12 i was very upset, i felt her sense of loss. She lost Gale too, her best friend and now everyhting was diffrennt and she didnt know what to do. But Peeta came back and they ended up together, yes i cried, they where sad tears, for everything she lost. But happy tears for what she gained, love and a famliy. It also mentioned that Finnick ended up haveing a baby boy and im tearing up just thinking about it. This book was by far the best one, and they say a great book is when the reader can feel the emtion of the character or characters. Yes i know i started with the last book but thats because its the most fresh in my mind! sorry! But from the begining, The hunger games was a good book it drew me in Katniss was great and all the things that happned in the areana where unthinkable. THey way Mr.s Collins was able to desrcibe everything, how she created the beginig of the love between Peeta and Katniss, great! But at first i had no idea if he really loved her or is he was just doing it for  the games, but as the story went on i knew he did!! ( I will bring up the movie later) Then in the 2nd book ( my favorite) how she pushed them back into the games and you met more victors form the other distrcits and how some of them became allies. Also you see the characters moved on into the thrid book and its fantastic!! Also i was so suprised when she revlied that the arena was a clock mechnism, veryyyyy ceative!! Also the things that would happen at certain times like the monkeys! I just know that is i was in the areana i would probbaly die! lol! I also loved at the end how u kept the reader wanting more, by them just being captured and not knowing what happens next. And i know this is kind of off topic but i dont remeber which book it was in but how the author illuded to district 13 by Katniss meeting the to people in the woods and them being captured and then in the third book how Peeta said that he could hear them being tourtued Anways i would just like to say that I love them so much i would read them again, and i never read books a second time. :) I would reccomend them to anyone, no matter if they like to read fiction, supernatural, adventure, action, love or future, really anything. Also in my next blog i will be talking about the movie and how i see it as a person who read the book, and my thoughts on the next movies.

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