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At 8:48pm on March 7, 2012, Cami Hensley said…

Thank you, I followed you back! 

At 7:20pm on March 7, 2012, Cami Hensley said…


I am new here and just wanted to see if you could help me out and follow my book review blog:

If you follow me, I will return the favor.



At 10:33pm on March 5, 2012,
Ethan Schneider

Thanks Vivian! I'm glad you enjoyed my blog.


At 12:34pm on March 5, 2012, L. Filloon said…

Hi Vivian!  Thanks for the warm welcome to the group.  I'm a self-published author of The Binding.  I'll head over to visit your blog this morning.  In the meantime, my book is being offered for free on the Smashwords "Read an Ebook Week".  Head on over and download a free copy.  Here's a direct link:


Also, come by and join my blog at www.lfilloon.blogspot.  I'm new at it so any pointers are greatly welcomed.  Looking forward to reading more of your posts.

At 9:02am on March 5, 2012,
Gwynneth White

Okay.. Got it. Thanks again... and I'm on my way.

At 8:34pm on March 4, 2012, The Coffee Bar said…

It wouldn't have been bothersome at all! Continue to have fun blogging. That's what counts. :-)

At 8:25pm on March 4, 2012, L.J. Stephens said…

Thank you so much! Yes, I've read about GFC going away, but it has been working for me, but maybe that's because I am using Blogger. Thanks to your advice, though, my readers will be able to follow no matter which one they use.

At 7:16pm on March 4, 2012, L.J. Stephens said…

Thanks, Viv. I thought that it might be personal preference, but I didn't know if it was okay to do more than one. Thanks, again!

At 6:17pm on March 4, 2012, L.J. Stephens said…

Thanks, Vivian. I am following your blog and twitter account. Played with the fish for a bit on the blog! :) I'm still new to this, so I think I did it right. What is the difference between NetworkedBlogs and what I do through GReader? Is one better than the other? Thanks again. 

At 2:52pm on March 4, 2012,
Gwynneth White

Okay. Still not following. Do I merely copy and paste the rules and questions onto my blog and answer the questions? Where do I get your additional questions? And do I just email the people I wish to tag? Sorry to be so dumb, but this is new to me. But, with patience, she can be taught.....

At 1:39pm on March 4, 2012, Kristin Figueroa said…

Thanks, Vivian.

At 11:58am on March 4, 2012,
Gwynneth White

Hi Vivian, I am so intrigued! No one has ever tagged me before (I've always wanted one) so could you tell me more....

At 9:35pm on March 3, 2012, Kristin Figueroa said…

Thanks for the welcome, Vivian. I visited your blog. I am now following you and placed a link to your blog on my blogroll. I hope that you will follow me also.

At 2:08pm on March 3, 2012,
Lilian Cheng

Hi Vivian (aka. the girl whose name rhymes with me! =)), Thank you for the warm welcome!

Both my older sister and one of my childhood best-friends also had your name!  I'm checking out your blog right now!  This rainbow fish tank widget you have is surprisingly addicting. 

At 11:21am on March 2, 2012, Crystal Kelly said…

Hi and welcome to book blogs. I know that you will find the inspiration, advice and fellowship here more than you bargained for in a good way. I have received so much great advice and made so many great friends here. I am currently working on my first novel and actually very near completion (excited sigh). When you get a chance please stop by my blog to keep udated at

Also please let me know if there is anything at all that I can help you with.

At 1:15am on March 2, 2012, Rosie said…

Hi Vivian, 

Thank you for taking the time to visit my blog, yours I might add is amazing, I love your header (and the adorable fish tank doesn't hurt) and am proud to say, I've become a follower on GFC.

eeee.. looking forward to your new posts


At 6:05pm on March 1, 2012,
The Secret Writer

Hi Vivian! Thank-you for connecting with me here on Book Blogs and for following my blog. It is very much appreciated. I think you have a great blog too. Keep up the good work. I'm now following you too through GFC and Linky! Best wishes for now. Calum

At 10:13pm on February 28, 2012, The Coffee Bar said…

You did an awesome job with the post, Vivian! Thank you so much for your help with Taste. :-)

At 8:29pm on February 27, 2012, The Coffee Bar said…

Thank you so much for hosting the reveal. Please let me know if there's anything you might need for the reveal that's not on my website or blog and I'd be happy to provide it. Also, please send me the link to the reveal so that I can add it to my website. Looking forward to the reveal.



At 5:48pm on February 27, 2012,
Ron Wyn

You're welcome, Vivian. Thanks for taking the time to visit irregular therapy (whenever you get the chance)! I've checked out your blog and am now a follower. I've also sent you a friendship request on goodreads. If you wish to do the same for me, you'll find all kinds of links on the irregular therapy blog...

Enjoy the rest of your day!

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