Book Blogs - A Club for Book Bloggers

Welcome to Book Blogs!

Welcome to Book Blogs! Our members read books, blog books, write books, and publicize books.

A meeting place of inspiring minds with a common interest in receiving inspiration from books that have transformed famous and ordinary people's lives. This is an excellent opportunity to discuss and to cultivate the life-changing habit of reading books for ourselves.

You can join this group if you wish to learn, teach, or sponsor.

We are attempting to procure books for lively and absorbing discussion at no charge or at a good discounted price for you- enabling everyone to participate. We warmly welcome your suggestions for books, authors and speakers.

BookBlogs prefer to bring local authors, who may also be able to give a talk related to the book, so that we can also have a joint meeting with Friends of Heart--another group focusing on mind, body and soul. A resource center will be established for members to borrow such books as well as DVD's and CD's.

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